Is there an equivalent of a SIPP in France?

Wondering if there is a French equivalent of a I can start over here?

I think @Dave_Lawson is your best bet here.

Hi… yes and no… there is a personal pension you can set up called a PER (Plan d’épargne retraite). The underlying investments aren’t as flexible as a UK SIPP and it’s mainly funds instead of individual shares and difficult to get exposure to non Euro assets.

In terms of tax relief… this is only a basic explanation but will give you an idea.

If you earn €100k this tax year and invest €10k into your PER then the following tax year thus €10k comes off the top and you pay tax at €90k.

You can only have one per household if you have a joint declaration and you can catch back 3 years.

Linked to state pension age 64 unless you buy a property for retirement … the income is then taxed.

If you are a high tax payer in retirement I’d invest into an assurance vie instead as you still get the tax deferred growth but return of capital and tax benefits on drawdown.

I’ve done a video on it a while ago below.

If you want to move other non French pensions to it you can’t… old French PERP and Madelin Contracts you can but nothing non French.

If you want one you can set it up for as little as €75 a month!

If you need more help just let me know!

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