Is this normal...?

first winter in france, and i'd promised the stonemason husband a 'warmer climate'... we've not had a snow day - we've had a snow week! and with no end in sight... it's BRILLIANT - all sorts of jobs getting done in the house, my chicken home for next year has progressed from the planning stage, we've perfected making bread, and it turns out the dog has a use after all - he's quite the hot water bottle in bed at night...

yep, that's minus 13.5 at half eight in the mornign - a bit 'fresh'

yep! took the photo whilst looking at it! mind you if this weather keeps up I'll be asking for one too ;-)

Went for a walk in it the other day. I was sweating. Is that what made you laugh?

Ah that's why you're wearing that hat Stuart ;-)

-16 all week here. Only this morning did it get up to -14

-15 this morning, that's the lowest we've ever got here, mains have frozen on in laws farm - nightmare trying to make sure 200 cows have water to drink especially when it's -10 in the barn!!! Talking to fil and others of his generation they say that this sort of winter weather was common place when they were younger it's only recently that we've had such mild winters...! have a look at the statistics for 1956, we're having almost tropical weather compared to then :-O

We have escaped the snow but did have minus ten last night which is pretty rare for these parts! Couldn’t cope with no water though so my thoughts are with all you poor people with frozen pipes!

Hi Tersa,

It's my first full winter too. I have done short stays before and was shocked one year at -14oc overnight but I also remember sitting outside with the boys for lunch in Tshirt and jeans on 18th December. I am getting a bit fed up of not having water in all the taps but the beautifully sunny days are a lot better than the grey of London. It has taught me that I will just have to be better prepared for next winter!

Hi Teresa, yes and no! Yes it's quite normal to have some very cold snaps down here in the south but what isn't normal is for it to go on for so long. there have been much colder winters than this when looking at the records but this current spell is still a bit unusual. all it needs is a change in air mass/wind direction and things will warm up anything up to 20° - yes that does happen too ;-) Coming south doesn't necessarily get you warmer winters - I had far warmer winters in cornwall and brittany than here in the aveyron (and tarn) but they were also soaking wet and windy as hell - better here by a long way, chin up and keep wrapped up, it'll be spring soon ;-)

PS even if you'd gone for for an area with a 100% mediterranean climate you still wouldn't have escaped the current weather and when I was at uni in Aix we had spells like this (it was snowing there last night too). BUT we've got off lightly compared to italy!