Is this part of the reason for bad driving...?

(Jane Jones) #1

In conversation with a friend, he was complaining about his employer docking him the cost of his speeding fine. I raised an eyebrow as seems perfectly reasonable to me - his fault, his fine.

Anyway it turns out that up to recently, because he drove a company car, the company absorbed all his speeding fines and his points. If this was a widespread practice then no wonder there are so many speeding drivers around, as they just didn’t care! And now they have the bad habit…

I find it hard to believe, but it does seem to be true… I had no idea!

(Mandy Davies) #2

Plus, of course, many of these drivers are on unrealistic schedules and targets.

(Andrew Hearne) #3

widespread practice - no, that’s just how it worked before they changed things a few years ago. The points were never deducted because you can’t deducted points from a company :wink: The speeding fine still had to be paid it was just up to the company to pass on the cost or not. Believe me, since they changed the rules driving a company car doesn’t stop you losing points, I speak from experience and take electronic payment for fines too so see it all first hand :wink:

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(Paul Flinders) #4

Can’t see how they could absorb the points, unless they were prepared to lie about who was driving.

(stella wood) #5

They were closing the loophole for speedsters back in 2006…

(Warren Joiner) #6

Simple, the company didn’t have to declare the drivers just pay the fines.

(Paul Flinders) #7

Not declaring the driver is an offence.

I presume, then, that we are talking about the days before that law came in and that’s why the protagonist in Jane’s post was miffed at finding himself held responsible.

(Warren Joiner) #8

In the company I work for they started to declare drivers a few years ago, now it’s law . Also if you have traffic offences including serious parking fines on you personnel file they take it into consideration for bonus’s as the company strives for 0 accidents & near accidents. Have been driving for 35 yrs & only 3 speeding fines, all of them silly ones as just over the limit on roads with very light traffic & all on 3 or 4 lane motorways.

(Jane Jones) #9

@smwsplr. Yes, I think that was the initial stages of the law that finally came into force in 2017.

Trouble is, once people have got into bad habits it will take years to make them mend their ways.

(Jane Jones) #10

Yes, have altered tense in my post to make that clearer.

(stella wood) #11

Absolutely… folk get stuck in a rut.

Now, was it Marine le Pen or some other high-profile… who refused to say who was driving her car when… such and such… happened. Last year I think… created a big stink and she had to back down and divulge the identity.

Details are hazy, but that is the general recollection…

(Haydn E Ebbs) #12

Unless the company has a Court Order it is illegal (unless the employee has signed away his/her rights under contract) for an employer to stop money out of their employees wage.

(Ann Coe) #13

Do not those laws apply to the UK and not France ?

(Haydn E Ebbs) #14

Yes it’s for UK. Not sure on laws in France…

(norman clark) #15

I think it is where the cameras come in as they register the license plate and this is checked against ownership. We had the problem with one of our earlier cars where surprisingly perhaps we identified my wife as the driver on three occasions, but as the registered owner it was MY license that got the points deducted!
Just recently I received a notification that all points deducted against my license have now been cleared as I have not had any fines for more than three(?) years. As I rarely drive very far these days I suppose I should be pleased.