Is this really good use of taxpayers cash?

But the people I watch including John provide the links and are showing the data otherwise the fact checking journalists will interfere once again even though the fact checkers dont know what they are talking about. I take the heresay with a pinch of salt, Even Tim Spector said of his reseatch whilst training “what I wrote was great for my career but was complete rubbish” time has proven many things wrong.

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It was Reuters but I like this bit,
“Trials showed it leads to an average weight loss of around 15%, alongside changes to diet and exercise.” So is it the drug or the diet and exercise? Lets face it water would work together with diet and ecercise!

Food is medicine, Processed food needs medicine!

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If they include links then that helps a little, but they still have to be followed and compared. I’ll look at written discussion but will not do the video - it’s using my time up.

Apparently they are spending £40 million on this,drop in the ocean compared to the £12 billion wasted on PPE or the billions wasted on the other mainstream news items.