Is this school going too far

Seems insensitive to me.

On the face of it… the kids won’t be much good at school, if they are worried about Mum… and who is supposed to look after them if Dad is away with Mum…:thinking:

IMO the kids would do well to have some school work to occupy themselves with… while they are away with Dad and close to Mum…

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I think that the school would be much better off thinking what it can do to support these two children who are clearly old enough to worry about their mother’s operation while still being too young to cope emotionally with the stress of having mum away from home.



The government is obsessed with children being tested and the schools are slaves to this.
As a farmer once said ‘you don’t fatten a pig by keep weighing it.’

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I don’t get why the kid in question doesn’t just go sick… this is the worst of the “you will attend no matter” philosophy the UK loves. I guarantee we’d still have gone on holiday in term time when it was more affordable - we’d just all have had flu for two weeks every year. I wouldn’t even have asked in a case like this - some stuff is more important than listening to a teacher.

Petty officialdom - at least they don’t get to wear a uniform. “Computer says no” age that we live in.