Is this the end of the World as we know it?

I have just returned from Bordeaux airport where I discovered some devastating news! News which, for me, signifies the beginning of the end of respect of tradition, history & the general order of things. Our planet, our way of life, even the way we treat each other, will never be the same again.

What shocks the most is that this fundamental shift of values has gone virtually unnoticed & unreported & has been dumped on us as a "fait accompli" - no vote, no referendum. This has not even been forced on us by an elected government but is the policy of a mindless corporation.

I am talking about the decision by KFC France to end sales of Kentucky Fried Chicken!

Popping in to KFC Merignac for three pieces of chicken cooked in eleven herbs & spices has become one of my little pleasures when taking someone to the airport so I was most surprised to find that it has now been removed from the menu! My lament at the manager that KFC stands for Kentucky FRIED CHICKEN was only met with a sympathetic shrug. Reconstituted chicken-like lumps aka Nuggets or nasty overspiced "Hot Wings" come nowhere near the greasy chicken portions in the slightly spicy batter, a staple of Friday gourmet dining in my youth. I can get chicken burgers at MacDonalds.

KFC have announced their own death by making this move - they cannot call themselves Kentucky Fried Chicken if they do not actually sell fried chicken!

So, it is with a heavy heart, not solely due to the choleserol, that I ask you all to raise an oversize wax paper cup of Fanta Orange (which probably contains no actual oranges) & toast the passing of a legend.


I don't eat chicken but used to love their spare-ribs when I moved to Scotland in 1982.

Subways are springing up all around Lyon, Dog knows why 'cos their sandwiches are so sweet and no match for a proper baguette.

Me & the missus once took the grandkids to MacDonalds . What horrible food it was! I started drinking one of the kids milkshakes in mistake for my "coffee" & didn't notice the difference. That must have been about 10 years ago & I've never since felt the urge! to pass beneath another Golden Arch.

I was so happy to discover the KFC in Carcassonne on my last trip to the airport. This means I will have had their gorgeous greasy chicken pieces for the first and last time in France. Bereft!! Will have to try that recipe.

I know two in Bordeaux. Also a Domino Pizza and a Subway. Ah haute cuisine, at least 'high' smelling if you stand by the back door ;-)

Brian, don't tell me you know of a Pizza Hut in the area?

The nearest I know of is in Lille! Please post a map!

But finally France is telling him to cluck off ;-)

Not entirely sure the Colonel has ever sold chicken.


I shall have to post Mr H's recipe for fried chicken complete with eleven mystery herbs and spices....Or maybe we should open a take away in the beach bar??

If I said I was sorry it would be a lie. Now for Wendy, Western Grill, Pizza Hut and, wait for it, MacDonalds.

a very good substitute and saves the round trip to BDX ;-)