Is Truss on a bit of a solo run?

With a view to a future run at the top job, it wouldn’t do her image any harm with the ERG bunch to play tough with the EU and the US. Iron Lady V.2.0.

Meanwhile " Business groups in Northern Ireland dispute that there is a problem, and have suggested that while the arrangements did cause disruption early on they are now cushioning the region from the impact of “Brexit”

I was not a fan of Margaret Thatcher at all, but she had firm beliefs which she held sincerely and was prepared to debate passionately in support of them.

Liz Truss’s beliefs, on the other hand, change with the wind and in my opinion, she lacks the ability to form a cogent argument in favour of anything.


Hilarious,the Conservatives and the DUP constantly moaning and whinging about how terrible the Brexit deal is.Thick or what?These are the idiots that couldn,t wait to sign the deal and claim their five minutes of"victory" just to please the leave voters,you couldn,t make this stuff up!

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As Chris Grey says: “is the UK using madman tactics, or is It actually mad?”

Seriously, though, I do think she’s playing to the gallery - of the ERG and the Tory membership, which I think are nor pretty much aligned. It probably indicates Johnson’s weakness - that he still might be forced out, and can’t afford to have as popular figure as Truss outside the tent.

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