Is Wine a different sort of Alcohol?

As someone who can get squiffy on orange juice… let alone wine. :roll_eyes: I throw the subject of Wine… into the arena… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What do you think… ???

It’s at least one of your 5 a day! :wink:


What rubbish! People become just as stupid, dangerous and downright boring having consumed too much wine as they do any other form of alcohol. It similarly damages health but that is their choice.


Under French labour law, wine, pear cider and apple cider are permitted in the workplace subject to precautions etc but spirits are prohibited full stop. Can’t remember what if anything it says about beer.
Probably norra lorra people know that …


Let’s face it - anything in excess is likely to be bad for one’s health… :thinking:


When I lived in the south of France in a small village in the Minervois the mayor offered me a drink. I explained that I did not drink alcohol to which he replied “d’accord,mais tu peut prendre du vin” or words to that effect.
Different perspectives.

Wine is seen as part of daily life in many parts of France but not drunk by everyone.

You are not alone in not wanting/drinking alcohol. Our Adjointe Maire abhors the smell of anything alcoholic - yuk, no alcohol gets anywhere near her … However, she is quite happy to offer alcohol (whatever sort) to those who wish it, but leaves someone else to pour it out… :laughing:

She always makes sure there are non-alcoholic drinks available. :hugs:

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Is that why they give a glass of good wine a day on the cardiac ward at Swindon hospital?

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That would be for the cardiovascular benefits, red wine acts as a blood thinner.

To be sure it’s not a gastro ward

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When OH returned from hospital after heart attack … the Doc was quite clear: 1 glass of wine with the meal is allowed.

He did raise his eyebrows when I mentioned that OH has 75cl wine glasses…:upside_down_face:

and, eventually, he made it clear that he was talking about the daily main-meal, not breakfast or snacks or tea :laughing:

Wine Bottle Large Novelty Drinking 75cl Wine Glass

They seem to be very popular, this one currently unavailable in the UK and FR!! :rofl:

Sadly the C2H5OH found in wine is exactly the same stuff as found in other alcoholic drinks and has the same health issues - although the culture of wine drinking is significantly different to that of, say, beer.

As to “good for the heart” - there has been some evidence that moderate drinkers might have slightly lower risk of cardiovascular disease but the mechanisms are not clear - high consumption is definitely bad for the heart and can lead to a condition called “alcoholic cardiomyopathy” which is generally not good news.

If you re-read my posting Jane you will note that I specifically said “too much”.

As Paul confirms wine contains the same damaging properties as all other alcoholic drinks.

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No, that’s to steady the surgeon’s hands.

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