Is your mutuelle any good?

Hi all

I'm in the process of changing our mutuelle - Ociane changed the T&C without telling us and left us with a 400€ dental bill as a result. I am not impressed.

So I'm after some recommendations. Is there anyone out there who is actually please with their mutuelle and feels it provides value for money? Or should I give up and put the money on the 3.30 at Lingfield instead?

There is no simple solution, just find a broker that you can communicate with and deal with a reputable company.

We. also, are in the market for a 'top-up' mutuelle. A friend has just moved to

Anyone had any experience of same, please?

I've with MMA for Medical and Household.....not too impressed especially as I have some very expensive bikes that I can't insure, even through my local club. I'd be very interested in the outcome of this discussion, as long as it doesn't enter into the question of "Love" happy as a the mo x

We have been with Exclusive Healthcare for about 10 years and have nothing but praise for them.

After being with AXA for over 10 years and then being very badly let down by them we switched to more cover for a lot cheaper price with Prevoir and have been very happy with them.

AXA - little more expensive that some but as I have learned with the health insurances, cheap is not always best,but, no problems with them and have happily been with them for 8 years, and we have always had update notifications when there have been changes.

2 payer systems are inefficient, include "you" picking up the unpaid portions and it becomes a 3 payer system. That said I use Allianz but I am also looking and it is not easy.

Que Choisir have just published their ratings _ no charge to view in 2015

Usually both.

Brian Ward is it really the mutuelle which forks out for your injection, surely it's the secu?

Thank you all for your input on this. I'm now trawling through the sites and will report back soon!

Have been with Pacifica via CA for about 10 years without any problems. What impresses me is that there has been no significant increase in premium despite the fact that I now have an injection every 3 months at a cost of €3000 a go. In the UK I would not have even qualified for the treatment and I'm sure BUPA or PPP would have dropped me like a hot brick even if it is only a little prick !

With Mercer through work and have great cover which includes your dental and eyesight cover…but not sure what this level would cost if we paid ourselves

My wife and I have been with Exclusive Health Care for 8 or 9 years, chosen by us after a massive trawl and comparison of like-for-like against over 100 mutuelle providers. We have had nothing but excellent service, all claims dealt with and paid expeditiously and without query, and have no complaints or criticism. They were not the cheapest that we found, but nor are they the dearest - and they offer various levels of cover to suit your location, pocket and requirements.

PS - We have no other connection with them, gain no referral commisions from them; we are just very satisfied clients.

This website compares what people think of their mutuelle, service quality etc. Axa come second ! oh well.

Once I discovered how crooked Ociane were I changed to MCD ( and have been happy for many years with them. Nearest agence to you is probably rue Thiers, Bayonne

Thank you, ladies. I think I'm actually tempted to leave it for the time being. At age 10 his lower jaw etc is still developing so correcting a 1 mm (literally) overbite now could need re-doing at a later stage. If it was a problem that was obvious to the eye so could become embarrassing for him or, as with Veronique's daughters, a 'medical' issue that would be different.

Jasmine has to see an Orthodontist as she has an overbite (blamed on sucking her thumb) so for the past 12 months we've seen both the Orthodontist (3M) and an Orthophonist (weekly) to train her out of it and give her exercises to encourage her jaw to correct itself. She was given a blue appareil (rubberised tooth guard thing) which she had to wear 1-2 hours during day (impossible as not allowed it at school and rest of time she is either eating, at afterschool activity or in bed) and then overnight all night. I cost 450 euro every 6 months. My RSI I believe paid back around 50, my mutuelle pays 125% of orthodontry+ 80 euro par semestre which has each time left us paying the balance. 125% of course not being anywhere near 450! Besides the battle of getting her to wear the apparel and remove the offending thumb (I tried the yukky nail varnish too which she hated) I had the hassle of taking her out of school during school hours as orthophonist appts are really hard to get. Thankfully we were recommended to one and again thankfully this was fully reimbursed by our mutuelle. I was extremely happy when on our last visit the xrays showed her exercises had paid off and her jaw has corrected enough to stop wearing the apparel. Though he did highlight that her baby molars are not out yet...(alarm bells now ringing after Vero's comment). The new plan whilst cheaper covers 125% + 250 euro and after 3 years there is a further 50 euro bonus. Hopefully this should go some way closer to covering the costs (along with the monthly saving of 80 euro which I should be setting aside really shouldn't I)

We have the optical pack too as Jasmine wears glasses too. This covers 100% plus 250 euro.

I have had orthodontics for 3 of my daughters (fiddly stuff, 2 to 3 years long, involving milk teeth not falling out & adult teeth needing to be dragged down etc), €1000s worth of work but it has cost me 150 each every 6 months.