(Ken Nicholson) #1

Hi, I am trying to do a lot of my university work from France (dept 09) using the internet but the broadband speed is so slow it is almost prohibitive. I use software like Adobe connect to lecture to Singapore and Malaysia. If I cannot improve internet speed I will have little option to move house or even worse return to a UK base. Using Free France at the moment. Does anyone have any suggestions?


(Steve YATES 2) #2

The speed you get will depend on how far you are from the exchange and the quality of the cables.

There is a site that will tell you what offers are available in your area and what speeds you might be able to get :>

No guarantee that their results will be 100% correct of course.

(Ken Nicholson) #3

Hi Kate, thanks for the response. I strongly suspect you are quite correct as proximity to a digital exchange seems to be a major factor.

(Kate Rodde) #4

I use FREE as well and have no problems at all - it is super fast but I am in Paris which may be the difference.

(Catharine Higginson) #5

Hi Ken
I would repost this in the Computer Corner group so that it will get noticed - sure someone will have a solution!