Issues with CA (& brief description of Britline)

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What are the issues with CA?

None at all as far as I’m concerned. I’ve had two accounts with them for many years.
That’s with my local branch, not with Britline.

Thanks, Anna.

I have had accounts with Banque Populaire for many years and recently they charged my account for a service we spoke about, but not contracted for and they drew funds from my account with no agreement.

So, I’m looking for an alternative.

We’ve got various accounts with a CA branch local to where we live (not Britline of course). Cannot fault them for service etc.

We have no issues. There was one time when I noticed a small charge was made on our current account “for going overdrawn”. I raised the query with the staff at our local branch. The lady was very polite and she checked right through our account … trying to see where we had gone overdrawn. :thinking:

Finally she admitted defeat (I always keep a decent balance) and agreed with me that it was, indeed, a mistake. The charge was refunded and the staff were very apologetic.

That is the only hiccup in 20 years… so not a bad record for CA I reckon.


Thanks. We were with CA years ago, but they had no way of giving us a bridge loan, so we moved to Banque Populaire. Not having a good time with them, so after 14 years are leaving for somewhere else, perhaps CA.

Well, it obviously depends on what banking products you are after nowadays… not all banks offer the same deals/services.

good luck

Our branch of CA is in a commanding position in the centre of town, at its busiest crossroad. It has a brightly lit centrally-heated and carpeted lobby available 24/7 to all comers, CB holders or not. Coffee machine tool!

The staff are all women, save one male counsellor who is English and serves up tea, biscuits and a shoulder to cry on for puzzled and//or distressed Brits, of whom there are hundreds on the books, and I think this adds to its local appeal (for the Brits anyway).

I get the impression it’s not overly sympathetic to those whose finances are stalled or look like being seriously derailed, but what banks have a softer side these days? :thinking::slightly_frowning_face::skull:

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What village?

No issues here, since I’ve installed myself as a farmer, they’ve been behind me 100 percent, my banker is quite available, replies within th half day to any e-mail, and sofar has been nothing but helpful. He has given extremely good rates on loans, proposed to set up a meeting with their insuracne conseiller (pacifica), and to be honest, they also had good tarrifs.

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Where are you and what are you farming?

Sourdeval 50150

Maraichage with a small atelier of poule pondeuse, in the Savoie, the Chautagne to be more precise.

We opened an account with Britline in August prior to buying our house in the Dordogne ( which completed last week). I have found the CA/Britline service brilliant. Very accessible - in personal response as well as on line. Like British banking was 40 years ago ! Excellent service.

We’re in the other end of France in the Lot, farming walnuts.

Quite agree. Been with CA now for 17 years and have had excellent service. My only gripe is the 9 euros each month they charge for the account. Too spoiled, perhaps, back in UK with our “ free “ banking.

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Nice!! Are the seasons getting more and more difficult?

Without question! We have buds on some trees now.

Everything is so up in the air nature-wise. We also have 250 beehives and the poor girls don’t know if they’re coming or going. Speaking of Credit Agricole, for that they’re soo understanding. Anytime there’s a little gap in the treso, they’ll give a court terme to fill it. Good for the first few months of the year when often there’s nothing to sell.

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We have been with BRITLINE for 7 years and have had no problems at all with their banking service either for bank account stuff or processing house purchases. We di however switch Insurance suppliers from their supplier PACIFICA who we found very difficult to deal with tp Groupama.

@pete_thomas… Peter… folk mention BRITLINE… how does this work… do they have local branches or is it all done on-line… or maybe through the post ???

Can you give brief description, please… I reckon it could be useful…


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