It’s tough at the top…

Rats, sinking ship?? He hasn’t got a serious bone in his body nor any scruples about lying. Just a big kid who has never grown up.


Problem is people have become inured, the reservoir of public outrage has been expended.

Part of the plan, one suspects.

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That and short memories.

And the lack of any decent person to take over.

I was without internet and french TV from end of May until end of July and did not even know Johnson had gone let alone other miserable news. It was actually quite relaxing not to know what was going on apart from what I gleaned from french radio which I used instead and that was mostly local - no UK radio channels were found anywhere on my radio. I also slept much better too! I have no UK TV services at all and don’t miss them one bit after the satelite dish rusted away back in 2015.

he hasn’t - yet :wink:

Interesting choice of removal firm though… Bishop takes King (of the world) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I believe they specialise in removing wallpaper.

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They should wait a while longer… Dizzy Lizzy appears to like eating in posh Indian style restuarants so she will no doubt feel at home :wink:

The other observation is the damage caused to the Downing Street Gates by the removal firm driver… I don’t suppose for one minute that the driver concerned was part of Grant Shapps initiative to fast track HGV drivers with less than adequate training to replace those lost as a result of Brexit :thinking: