Its all about Gabriella

As we're not going to be back for La Rentree we decided to put Jasmine into a UK Nursery 2 days a week so she can socialise with other children her own age. I'm hoping this will help with her understanding that big people use the toilet ALL the time and that she isn't a baby anymore so the milk bottle needs to go (I know she's 3 and should have given it up ages ago - but with her being so tiny I allowed her to keep it...until this week)

So last week she went through the 'settling in period'. First day she was excited, very happy to be there, until I turned round to leave and she realised it was her on her own...cue screaming. Another girl (later found out is called Gabriella) immediately began tugging at Jasmine's cardigan. My initial observation of Gabriella was that she is twice the size of Jasmine, pushy, and had a snotty nose.

I left her for half an hour, she sobbed the whole time.

Day 2 - Dragged her to Nursery, sobbing. Left her for 1.5 hours - sobbing for half an hour, ok for half an hour then sobbing again. She moaned about a girl taking things off her.

Day 3 - half a day - sobbed then when I collected her was very upset. Turns out my precious angel had kicked someone in the Bounce Room and been told off (no prizes for guessing who!). I asked her did she do it on purpose and she said yes. I am in shock - this is not the child I know...What has happened to her? 3 days at Nursery and she's turned violent. I don't know what to say. I asked if she said Sorry and she said No. Ok then...handoff to Daddy for when he gets home...I'm stumped.

Day 4 - refused to get dressed, screamed, then was dragged to Nursery on the bribe of a visit to Waitrose Cafe afterwards if she was a good girl...(doesn't take much to bribe my lot). Left her for 5 hours - she didn't sleep but she seemed ok and has been taken under the wing of her key person.

Day 5 - calm walk to Nursery, no screaming, no sobbing, happy that's its Friday - asking if she goes to Nursery tomorrow - no, that's the weekend...ok. Happily trots off to see her new friend who Jasmine calls teacher (but we're not allowed to call them teacher - have to call them practitioners or something not at all confusing with General ones). Day 5 Daddy collects her - has had a very happy day.

Saturday - whole family comes down with a bad cold. I can't take anything but paracetamol. I have a 7m old teething and a 21m old with 2 molars coming through. I've gone through 3 boxes of kleenex in a day. It's supposed to be Summer. How did we get such a bad cold? Nursery of course...the delightful Gabriella no doubt.

Back to Nursery - after the long weekend she's been excited about going back (much to my relief). No tears, no sobbing. I decide to send her in with a packet of Balsam Kleenex (in her backpack) so she can wipe her own nose and she wanted to take her Hello Kitty Lipbalm. Bad decision.

Gabriella took my lip balm

Gabriella took out all my tissues

Gabriella took my cardigan

Gabreilla hit me

Gabriella took my cushion

Gabriella snatched....

The Gabriella stories go on and on...

Maternelle will be a breeze after she's done 9-5 with Gabriella.

I am only imagining what earache I am going to get when I have 3 girls at school......I think Daddy is going to need to buy some new headphones. On the plus side, some of their moaning might be in French so I should be able to tune out (fingers crossed).

As Catharine said - Vive La Rentree - for is only the beginning.