It's an ill wind

Anyone else noticed? The videos they are showing of the deserted streets in Beijing, the air is beautifully clean and clear and you can see blue sky!

Makes a change from the smog !

I wonder why??? :upside_down_face:

Some of the benefits of Coronavirus …
Pollution levels are coming down remarkably fast as industry and travel come to a standstill
On the other hand, people who make tissues, loo rolls, hand wipes, sanitisers are on overtime and earning a fortune
People who make video conferencing software and systems are earning a fortune
It’s killing off the elderly, so that will help the ratio of workers to retired
It’s killing off the elderly so that will help the pension industry
It’s killing off the elderly so young people will inherit their grandparents wealth
People will think twice about going on cruises - that will save Venice
People will think twice about flying that will help our environment
The first item on the news is not Brexit

In case you are wondering - this is tongue in cheek :wink: :wink:
(but many a true word spoken in jest)


This old bird is not going to go down without a fight.
We have stocked up and have hens giving us eggs and a potager.
I am going to my last meeting of Les Dames de Lundi on Monday as I have asthma and am at greater risk.
I cannot shed a tear for the cruise liners or those going on cheap foreign holidays.
We will probably lose out with people cancelling their gite bookings.

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Just a thought … If you’ve HAD coronavirus and are now better, presumably you have some resistance and are unlikely to get it again. In which case, the world is your oyster…
Spotted a recent ad for a four star hotel in Venice offering a week’s stay for 178 euros!!! Imagine - wandering around Venice on your own!

With nothing open!

Doesn’t matter - it’s still a beautiful place to wander round.

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Truth is stranger than fiction…adapted to life is stranger than fiction

May I add one more bit of good news to your list?
President Trump won’t be visiting Europe for a while.


As friends who will not now be coming in May have just pointed out …
It could turn out to be a very pleasant, quiet summer at home!”

No nuisance telephone calls trying to sell us isolation. Not one. :grin: :grin: :grin:


We had just one… and it was Saturday… nothing since then… yippee

2020 - No holiday? Buy a sofa!

We did.
Most of them have taken their bookings forward, but we cannot realistically expect much from next year either.

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A broken down car and then…

We ended up not too badly affected, and even have a booking when we get back from holiday (why someone wants to come to the Jura in November defeats me…!).

And back to main topic…I no longer have to go to the gym when we get home as it’s closed!!:persevere: