'It's been mad': Dordogne town's unexpected Brexit boom

Used to use, a long time ago, a ‘Beer Sphere’ that worked well Steve :+1: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have tried a couple of Wherry kits in the last couple of months, they have been ok - not fantastic but certainly drinkable. I am about to start a brew using grain for the very first time so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

Was back in the UK a few weeks ago, Dorchester actually and there is a bit of a trend happening where quite a lot of pubs are going back to wet sales only.
Visited one such pub where if you wanted a sandwich or a pie you were invited to nip over to Greggs the bakery over the road to buy your lunch and the pub will provide a plate and any cutlery that you require, so bought a cheese and onion crusty cob and with a pint of real ale total cost £3.25 that’s what I call value for money.

This thread is classic case of forum subject drift.:smirk:

Got to love internet forums!! :slight_smile:

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I came across this rather rustic real ale outlet a few years ago at Montmoreau-Saint-Cybard in the Charente. Sadly it was closed at the time, but a quick net search suggests it’s still in business. It’s about 90 minutes’ drive from Eymet so could make for a grand day out if you can find a “designated driver”.


We’ve just paid for 1 years health care until we hopefully get into the system. I wouldn’t move without it.