'It's been mad': Dordogne town's unexpected Brexit boom

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I imagine the turnaround times for CPAM in that area are slower now…

And 400 from UK in a town of 2,500. Wow! Our nearest town is that size and there’s just us and a Dutch man within the surrounding communes, and a smalll number of Turkish and Portuguese families in town. For those of you who live in that kind of place what’s it like? Isn’t it confusing to live in France but with so much that’s not French - or do the home comforts like digestive biscuits make it all ok?


I can see that Brexit might encourage some to move now, before we leave but surely there must be an equal, or even greater number that have shelved plans, perhaps indefinitely, because of the uncertainty.

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Unless I could afford health insurance, I would be nervous, I was ‘surprised’, to find that at one point, I had no health care provision, here or in the UK.

Home comforts Jane, friends, (unasked) bring us bacon and sausages from the UK, i am going to have to risk hurting them, but will have to say, don’t, they are not a ‘patch’ on those from our local butcher, hope these kind folk won’t be offended, but hope they continue bringing the beer, thats the one thing I miss here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Depends what your favourite tipple is.

You aren’t going to get the equivalent of a British Real Ale but I’m quite partial to a Pelforth Brune or a Fischer tradition - though both a bit powerful for an evening session (not that it stops me).

The Bretons are quite into brewing though so there are lots of craft beers around, however I confess that I haven’t quite acquired the taste yet .

The cider’s quite nice as well.

It’s the “bit powerful” for me Paul, it’s the real ale I miss, ‘mind’, if I was in the UK, I’d probably be tee total, I wouldn’t be able to afford it :roll_eyes: :wink:

Do you have a chain of discount shops called Noz in your area? They specialise in end of lines and that sort of thing, and friends here frequently appear at the door with bottle of UK beer saying they found it in Noz and thought we would appreciate it.

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Yes Jane, we have two ‘Noz’ about 20mins E and W of us, I did get some one time, ‘London Pride’ I think, but it’s about UK prices, expensive :roll_eyes:

Have you tried this?

Not discovered that, whereabouts?

Questembert and Redon Paul. Big one in Vannes (towards Lorient).

Redon we don’t bother with much given that the town centre is fugly - but Questembert we know well and have obviously missed this gem, where exactly?

Noz is like no other shop. It’s a bit like an enormous jumble sale and you have to be prepared to rummage. But you can find some really surprising things. Recently, I found Cadbury’s Milk Tray, Cream Crackers and Hellman’s Mayonnaise. You have to go regularly and hope that there’s something interesting.


OK I have it - well I think that I do, Rue Calvaire, not a street we ever drive or walk down. Also I can’t see it from the streetmap pictures - but that’s not surprising as they date from 2011.

Will look out for it in a fortnight when we’re over.

Not sure where you are Bill, but if ever you find yourself near Puivert, they have a micro brewery which brews 6 draught beers and 12-15 bottled beers. They do a Cascada session beer at 3.5% vol up to a stout at 9.5% in the draughts plus a good range of IPAs and Brown Ales from 4% to 9.5% plus others in the bottled.

And even better, they serve it by the pint!!!

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I prefer Benedicta, though it is a little strong for some uses, so generally our mayonnaise exports go from France to the UK, not the other way around. :slight_smile:

I prefer mayonnaise made with free range eggs so usually choose Amora, the fouetté version which is a little lighter. I hadn’t tasted Hellman’s for a while so bought it out of curiosity.

I am really pleased with my homebrew. I use Woodeforde’s Wherry kits and store it in a pressure barrel. If I don’t draw more than 3 pints a day I can normally get away without adding any C02. Basically four weeks to make 40 pints for less than £20

Must get a new batch going

We also have a lot of micro-breweries around us but most of it is bottled

Easiest, if you headed, from the centre to the swimming pool, I think it would be hard to miss Paul :slightly_smiling_face: