Property selling like hot cakes in Dordogne!

Yes there is reported talk of properties selling extremely quickly this winter in the
Dordogne region of France.
Photo/journalist Sean Smith recently covered this story for the Guardian.
Not his usual sort of topic.

Think the topic was covered a few days ago. Good to see you though Barbara.

I am always glad for folks who are trying to sell… when something gets the ball rolling… let’s hope that things keep getting better… :relaxed:

Do hope so Stella because the property market here in the Centre seems to be very static at the moment ! :thinking:

Well the topic was covered and the news is good for us all.
Movement in the property market means that France is moving
in the right direction.

This is what harry was referring to.

Yes it is…
Old news…perhaps must be all that excitement relating to the Teapot which
Harry introduced me to.

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The downside to all this is likely to be that it pushes up prices leaving quite a few people with property that they can’t sell down the line when demand falls off again.

But that is the way of the property market as I have known it.
The ups and downs of life…

It is so funny, the price of houses is such a usual topic of conversation for British people, and absolutely not at all fro French people unless they have a particular reason eg buying, selling, or being an estate agent! And even then people just say ah bon and then conversation moves on…

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Careful, 'tis 1/4/18 :thinking::thinking:

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ah but no jokes…good news is good news.
It is my partners birthday and he is in the garden loving the sunshine.
Being his usual self nonchalant like the French…getting his garden ready for

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For many brits their old age is funded by their property investments, in America it is stocks and shares and in France it is the state. That explains our obsession with the property market.


Well lets hope that we make wise moves.
We all do things differently.
We invested time and energy in our career which had a
property related to it.
I would like to think that it was our determination, skill and
hard work which will be the answer to our survival or beyond in
this world…this Argentine Tango.