It's good to feel brand new!

I joined Survive France because you seemed to be to be a friendly bunch. But how many of you are in Languedoc? So many other sites about the English in France seem to be devoted to anywhere north of the Garonne river, whereas all my insincts are to the south of it. Is Languedoc the great forgotten backyard of France? When we have so much incredible scenery and history enough to take your breath away!![](upload://tj4Zu7g7IzFYhdMxL3O5EqfcLZ.jpg)This is the château courtyard in the village where I live.

When we're there, we're in Carcassonne.

Thanks Suzanne. I write a lot about that area, have a look at this; but I couldn't live there, it's too cold, I'm closer to Narbonne but often pass Limoux on the 1€ bus. We call it the 1€ corridor to Quillan!

I seem to be representing the area south of Limoux - I'm in Quillan, but have bought a renovation property about 10-15 mins west of Limoux. Don't give the game away Val - the gorgeousness of this area is a well-kept secret! :)

Thank you all once again, the case is proved, Languedoc is lovely and brimming with lovely English-speaking people, I had been hoodwinked by other sites. I'll post again soon and answer everybody soon.

I'm near Montpellier. Come to the Cracker Fair at the Chateau de Cassan, Roujan next weekend (Nov 30/Dec 1) to meet others from the area at the stand for the local free magazine 'BBBmidi'. I'll be there on Sunday afternoon. :)

Hi James
Where are you?
We too are 20 mins NW of Mirepoix, on Belpech. Bought a house last year and will return from Aus. for 6 months next April. I love Languedoc

Hi We are in backwater known as the Auvergne! Beautiful landscapes remind me of Scotland where I was brought up!

Thank you all so much. I live in a village between Lézignan-Corbières and Narbonne and have lived in Aude for 13 years - I never go back to England, in fact now I think, I haven't even been out of Languedoc in all that time! I will make some SF friends when I get around to it, I'm a writer and deadlines are pressing! best to all

Hi Val, Just about to make the move to Aude in Languedoc, 20mins north of Mirepoix. We'll be spending x-mas and NY over there and then making the permanent move in the Spring. Can't wait to get over there! We explored many regions in France but eventually fell in love with the Languedoc. J

Hi. We are between Beziers and Narbonne, a village called Nissan-Lez-Enserune, inhabited by Nissanais and Nissanaises.
A useless fact - do you realise that Languedoc-Rousillon is bigger than the South-West region of England, comprising: Gloucestershire, Bristol, Wiltshire,Somerset, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

So quite an area and differences in the areas and peoples. I am Bitterois and Nissanglais! :-)

I'm in the Aude - a 25-minute drive upwards from Limoux. I fell in love with the Languedoc on honeymoon in 2002 and moved here in early 2010. I wouldn't wish to be anwhere else in the world!

In Ferrals les Montagnes

2 and a dog and a cat

We are in the North Gard on the slopes of thee Mont Lozere. Looking for another house near Bedarieux

Hi. We are in St Genies de Fontedit between Beziers and Bedarieux - between the mountains and the sea. Just casual residents for now.

Lunel, right on the East side...

Moi, je suis dans le Languedoc.


I'm in the Languedoc. My partner and I live in Montpellier.

Hi Val,

I'm just 15 mins west of Limoux. I love your photo of the chateau courtyard and sunset :-) Yes, the Languedoc is amazing. We've been here for just a year and we still discover new things every day.