It's not about the second fiddle

I’ve nearly finished quite a long translation and I’ve found one or two words quite tricky.

How would you do:

“Accompagnement” as in, to accompany a client from the start to the end of a project.

I was going to go with Accompaniment, but realised that was for a second fiddle or a side dish in a restaurant! I think I’ve found what I’m going with, but what would you have used. It has to be one word only.

“Patrimoine”: Patrimony is in the dictionary but no one uses it

“Défiscalisation”: The clue is in the name, but how on earth to translate it?!

I’ll put up my answers in a couple of hours to compare.

Thanks for your help


I agree, I've gone with support, tax exemption and for patrimoine, assets...

Why not stick with "To accompany"?

Agree with Sandy re <> if it works in the context...

How about "Tax efficient" for <>?

Good luck!!!

you could use "support" for "accompagnement", it's a word I see often in translations. And Sandy is right to say "heritage" for "patrimoine". As for "défiscalisation" I've found "tax exemption". Hope this helps

Patrimoine - I'd use the word 'heritage'.