It's Six o'clock - switch off your phones

Another blow to French productivity, workers must now turn off their mobile phones after 6pm so that they do not receive work related e-mails.

See this article from the BBC.

How are you supposed to run a business here? This is just stark raving bonkers.

my understanding is that workers have the right to turn off their work phones at 6pm (providing they are not on call or work outside of usual office hours) but that it is not illegal to keep your phone on if you so wish. When the UK was limited to a working week of 48 hours, that didn't filter down to many offices. One son was an estate agent in London putting in around 60 hours a week and second son a designer in London working similar hours.

Mr Drac, head of the Transylvanian blood donation service?

Very true!

Oh the Queen of Halicarnassus most def. Brian....not any old wormwood. Peter....Vlad? that old softie?

or maybe Vlad the Impaler ?....

That makes you Daisy, Tarragon or Vermouth - wormwood as it really is - or Absinthe unless you mean the queen of Halicarnassus.

my friends call me Artemisia...

Blimey, sounds like your old man is living with Pol Pot !


What can I say...its the job of a wife to keep her OH's head out of the clouds...feet firmly planted, and to not let him get away with spending too much time...enjoying himself, that could become habitual! now...that grass looks like it could do with a quick trim....where's he gone????

She already knows! Ouch!

Put your foot down Norman and tell her who's the boss !!!

erghh....good luck...;

Thanks for the kind words folks! Wish my ever-pragmatic wife thought the same - she thinks I am just wasting time when the garden needs to be done, the car washed etc., etc. So I am made to feel guilty when I indulge myself in this stuff.

As I still do so much that must make me a masochist?

Norman that is truly beautiful...had no idea...if we had been sitting around a dining table I'm sure I would have found out about this hidden talent in the first hour, just taken 2 years to find out instead! how great to have had 60 pics nicked! shows that you are sough after.

Superb ! very envious of your talent...

you are really talented....nothing to do with the subject matter...(cars and horses not something I connect with) but the creativity shines through...

Not brilliant but reasonably competent I hope. Last time i did a mural was for a Wine Bar in London about 40 years ago! I cringed when I saw it some years back.

However in a curiously complimentary way I think I was have some sort of World Record in the numbers of paintings I have had nicked in various ways over the years - over 60 at the last count!

Just to round it off and bore everyone to death this is one of the current works I am preparing as a book;

I DID attend an 'art school' between the ages of 13 and 15. Didn't touch a brush until about ten years later. Then did a lot of 'roughs' for ads as they were called in those days, and I suppose it all came from there. I still ove playing around with techniques and new mediums and finding some surprising results, which is always nice. This is one of my '10 minute specials in pastel;

Vic that's very kind. Perhaps like most blokes you like old cars?