It's Summer - really?

As I sit here typing this I'm looking at full grey clouds. My 6m old was up in the night with a gastro virus and my 3 year old had a very upset tummy yesterday, leaving me wondering when is my 18m old going to catch it & from which end will it appear?

I just saw on Facebook that it's my village's Brasucade tonight and suddenly I feel miles away from home.

It's dull and grey here in London, we've had weeks of rain. Yesterday Jasmine fell over into a puddle which was so deep she was covered in grey mud over her knees.

The handy little gadget on my laptop tells me it's sunny in Pezenas. Thanks.

It doesn't feel like Summer. I miss the heat, it's true I complain about it when you can't sleep when it's so hot you have to get up and shower in the middle of the night just to cool down. I miss the smell of scorched earth, the salt from the sea being blown in over the hot vines. The sound of people enjoying a glass of rose from the Cafe over the road and the fresh fig season.

Last week I paid 90p for one blinking fig. I went to Borough Market & saw some tomatoes, just like the ones at our local market - all rugged looking, ancienne varieties, green, yellow, orange, plum shaped, oval, round, beefy looking and very French, except for the price. The owner of these prized imported French tomatoes wanted nearly £9 for 2 beef tomatoes & £9 for a very small pack of assorted small ones. As you can imagine - I gave him the tomatoes back! Like the English in the UK who want to pay £1.50 for a tin of Heinz beanz, I wanted my French tomatoes BUT I wasn't prepared to pay through the nose for them. Better to wait until one day I'm back home and can have the real thing grown on my very own Roof terrace.

I'm not saying everything about Summer in France is great, the heat is both a blessing and a right pain - you can't go out for long walks except in the early hours or late evening - neither of which great for the kids, you use oodles of sun cream and still manage to get burnt one day rushing to the chemist, the tourists are everywhere and it's heaving in July/August) and the wasps/mosquitos/mouches are pretty annoying too.

But it's festival time, I see lots of events being advertised and I know what I'm missing.

As everyone else prepares for the influx of house guests, my house is empty, it probably smells of dust. I long to open the shutters to the sunlight and feel the hot air rush past. We made this choice, it's for our future but just sometimes when it's grey and dull outside for days on end I wonder are we doing the right thing? Should we scale back our plans and just go home & be happy?

I'm sure we will get a Summer - if we could just find the sun. The sun makes us happy, it lifts our spirits. I don't know how on earth people live in a country that hardly ever gets the sun (no I'm not talking about the UK now although it feels like it at times). So come on sunshine, please make my day & hint that there will be a Summer in the UK this year - it's our final Summer here so let's make it one to remember. Please...I'll even sing if it encourages you to come bless us with your presence....All together...The sun has got his hat on...

Thanks guys - making me feel better about this grey day. I'm normally so happy but today it just seems like one of those days when I should have just stayed in bed. Duvet Day! Impossible with 3 nippers & 2 of them not so well, but hey! It's almost the weekend!

What French summer? It's the same over here. It's pissing down all the time, grey, cool and I'm still using a heater. You can't sit outside a cafe for drinkies or anthing that takes longer because at any moment there's an overweight cloud that wants to dump.

It wasn't that great last year either but this one's worse (Summer). Look at the bright (sic) side- you're actually living in the equivalent of current France, already.

Oh Suzanne,I really feel for you,especially with 3 little tots!If it's any consolation it is pouring with rain here in Correze! (19) We are wondering if we'll ever get a summer here too.So fingers crossed for us all in France & the U.K.

Suzanne, I fully empathise with you. We are at home in the Isle of Man but cannot wait to get back to home no2 in Pepieux, Aude. Friends keep teasing me about the fact they have just seen a tiny white blob in the sky, surrounded by miles of azur blue.

Having said that, we are now into day 3 of dry, yes dry, sunny weather on the IoM, although it's clouding up as I write. The gardeners came and cut the meadow, I mean lawn, 2 weeks late as they were on catch up due to the wet stuff recently.

So, it's not all bad, even better with the knowledge that good old Ryanair will be whisking us down to Carcassonne in just over 2 weeks time!!

Thanks Annie, there are open air music concerts every Wednesday here in Canary Wharf (Royal Philharmonic this week) which would be lovely if only it wasn't lashing down! Standing under the heavens with 3 tots is not much fun. Instead of buying cossies, I've bought wellies!

Don't rush Suzanne, we are still waiting for summer in Brittany - and tonight we have an open air concert and fireworks and it is forecast, not just rain, but thunder and lightening too!!!!