I've been conned on eBay.fr

I fee like an idiot - I bought an “Apple iPhone 4” on eBay.fr - well that’s what it was listed as, quite clearly “iPhone 4g +8GB”. But I received it yesterday, and it’s a cheap Chinese counterfeit.

I feel so stupid, I’m no eBay virgin, and I failed to notice the person selling had 0 feedback. I have tried to contact them, but no surprise, no response, so I have made a formal complaint via PayPal, and reported the seller to EBay. But my guess this was an account set up merely to get rid of the phone, so the person doesn’t care.

All I have is a location where the item was located (not an address) and the person’s email address - anything else I can do, is a porte plainte worth doing? Could I do it without full name and address? Actually I might have their name from their email. Am I right in thinking you can do one of these online?


Just in case you are following this and want to know the outcome, PayPal repaid me every penny once all the evidence etc. was gathered. As part of this i had to ‘destroy’ the fake iPhone. See here:

Thanks - it os progressing. Paypal have just asked me to provide evidence it’s not a real iphone - I have to get a 3rd party letter or something - so am off to a phone shop in Montpellier

I think your I-phone con is definitely worth persuing with paypal as that’s what they get paid a few billion quid a year to do. It’s their job. Arn’t they supposed to offer you an instant refund and suspend the seller’s account ? Isn’t that the whole point of Paypal?

I would also suggest that you could report the incident to the French Douanes, as they also get paid very handsome wages to catch counterfeiters and they seem to take it all very seriously…I don’t know, but I wouldn’t mind guessing that you could report it online using your e-bay and paypal letters as evidence. good luck and I hope to read soon that you’ve had a refund and they caught the B*****Ds.

I’ve taken the Paypal route - and hope it works out, but I wondered if there was anything else I could do

I thought that if you bought an item through PayPal, that there was some comeback and refund it the goods don’t match up to spec?
Best of luck in any case

I’m glad you paid it through Paypal. As a long time user of Ebay (I bought many items from USA, especially used books I can’t found here in France) I know that Paypal is the safer way. When I purchased anything with problem (very rare!!!) I always been refunded by them!