I've been down to the woods today

Recipes on a post card please!!!


Oooh… lovely! I would want to get them checked at the pharmacy but the one at the top is pretty unmistakeably a Cep :smiley:

Agreed, though the fact that they’ve been nibbled is a pretty good indicator.

Depends who by :rofl:

Checked by a few friends and neighbours, they are probably the only ones I feel pretty confident on but had confirmation. The darker one is a cepe De Bordeaux.


Excellent! Well done @toryroo :smiley: I don’t have knowledgeable friends and neighbours as far as I know so would be dependent on a pharmacy for checking.

They look gorgeous - bet they are tasty…

you need to eat them asap… don’t have them hanging around for days…


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I’ve always wondered about the conversation with the pharmacist as you arrive, in all ignorance, with the most marvellous large cep “Oooh no madam, that’s not edible, highly poisonous - let me take it off you straight away!” :grin:


You cynic you… :rofl: :rofl:

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They all are, and beautiful specimens to boot!

Chop into strips and dry.
Or, chop up, fry gently in butter, then pour in omelette mix. Wash down with suitably matched red wine. :+1::+1:

Not a good day for going down to the woods - it’s a fine Sunday and they are firing at anything and everything in our woods!


I must admit that we skoodadled quicker than we wished to as there was shooting getting too close for comfort! My friend was in a hot pink top but even so!

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Round by us too. Neighbours told me yesterday that they had to curtail their dog walks as a result.

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We would never walk our dogs through the woods Saturday, Sunday or Wednesday. Fortunately we have lots of choices - across our fields (good visibility) and up to the farm, up to the road and along that (early morning before the hunters in their white vans are on the road) in the car and a walk along the canal tow path (may favourite). Gilets are worn when we are in possible hunter range.
Watched a deer come down our neighbouring farmer’s field and I told it to go and hide asap. There are hares in our field - also told to hide!

A friend dries any excess…

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Not sure I like the look of those TBH. When drying it is much better to slice them and drying whole is much more difficult to gauge, as well as actually being less useful in dishes subsequently. Even the slightest amount of moisture will cause them to spoil, as I have found to my cost when rushing things in the past. Sliced, I have successfully kept them for years and, as you likely know, the flavour is much more intense when they are dried.

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The guy’s doing what he and his family have done for generations…
Presumably, it depends on the sort and the size… . and perhaps for what they will be used.
Looks like they get thickly sliced … and I can see that he’s definitely left a small cap whole.

A large basket of “forest treasure” was being handed around yesterday, in our village.
One neighbour told me she would be preparing and freezing what she had selected.
Her grandson is popping by at the weekend and will take the frozen cepes/whatever back to Paris, where his parents will be waiting… eagerly.