I've entered the 2017 Prudential 100 - please join me on my ride by donating to Shelter

Donate via Just Giving [here] (https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/James-Higginson-Prudential100) or Virgin Money [here] (http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=jamesehigginson) please!

On Sunday the 30th of July 2017 I will be cycling the Prudential 100 mile course through London and Surrey, I have chosen to raise money for the homeless charity Shelter.

If you could click on the link below and make a donation I would be highly motivated by your generosity!



Donate here please https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/James-Higginson-Prudential100

More info on the ride: 2017 Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100

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Mmm… seems a worthy cause James… and the Pru’ are close to our hearts… :grinning:

I think we will be supporting…

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I appreciate that @smw thanks!

OH is a Pru’ pensioner… :wink:
Oh, and I’ve shared it on my FB Page… you never know…every little helps :grin:

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Tried to use the link, James, but it ‘stuck’ on the payment page, so happy to send a (small) donation in the post: where should I send it? Hope the weather is kind - cloudy, with a light breeze always blowing in the correct direction, and no rain…

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Sent you a PM with the address, thanks :kiss:

Hi James

Sorry - finally got back to this: I presume PM is personal message, but, being somewhat of a technophobe, I have no idea where to find it. If this is all too much trouble, I’ll just make a donation to Shelter anyway, which is the aim of the activity I think!

Best of luck with the ride.



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Ha ha… Sally Fryer and James…

We were having trouble with doing the payment with Just Giving… so paid direct to Shelter yesterday…
Then this morning, I looked again… and found the Virgin Money Giving link… so I’ve donated a little on your Page as well James.


Good Luck… such a worthy cause…

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Or here @Charentesun https://www.justgiving.com/James-Higginson-Prudential100

That seems to be easier to use for some, thanks!


I’m a ready for this as I’m ever going to be! I’m just over half way to my goal of collecting 600 quid for Shelter. If you can spare some change for me please donate. Thanks!

If you’re in London on Sunday the 30th of July come and say hello, all being well mid afternoon on the Mall.

I’m very disappointed to tell you that I have pulled out of the Prudential 100 on Sunday due to a Patella tendon injury I incurred on Sunday. Thank you all for your support, I have an entry for the same ride next year and your donations will be rolled over to that.

Sorry to hear of your injury James…hope you will be better soon…

xx Stella

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Thanks :slight_smile: