Jack Reacher series

The series at long last puts the Tom Cruise debacle to bed, Alan Ritchson is everything Cruise isn’t and I am loving the series, thankfully they have got it right this time :sunglasses::sunglasses:.


As a massive fan of the books, I’m really looking forward to this.

While Cruise did a decent job of capturing Jack Reacher’s attitude, it was rather like casting Mo Farah to play Mike Tyson.


Watched the first episode last night - having never read the books, nor - for that matter - seen the Tom Cruise version.

Confess I found it all somewhat uninspiring, the character of the captain being especially annoying. In fact the only thing that really piqued my interest sufficient to bother with a 2nd episode was the revelation that the dead man was Reacher’s brother.

Maybe it’s just one of those series that needs an episode or two to hit its stride.

We’ve got all the books and have reread them many times… terrific stuff.

Just taken a look at the Official Trailer… and think I’ll stick with my books.
Tom Cruise didn’t match up to the Jack Reacher I see in my mind’s-eye… and neither does this guy…


As they say - the pictures are better on the radio.


I quite enjoyed the films with Cruise, having never read the books. There was just one moment of farce, where a girl has been killed in a way to appear as from a single blow and they talk about only one man being able to do that - the implication that Reacher is big and enormously powerful, rather than being Tom Cruise.

Not having Amazon Prime, it was probably conceived for the fans of the books (of which I am one), and I can only hope that if I ever do get to watch it, it is indeed better than Cruise’s paltry offering.

That was the main gripe with the casting of Cruise in the first place - the character in the books is 6’5" and weighs between 100-110 kg (which corresponds to my height and weight - pretty much). In relative terms. Obviously not Tom Cruise :rofl: :rofl:

Alan Ritchson is 6’ 2" according to Wikipedia - perhaps that is why he still doesn’t quite measure up to Stella’s imagination.

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I’m thinking more along the lines of Cheyenne Bodie… :hugs:

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Have seen 4 episodes and am finding it very true to the books, though it is a combination of elements from 2 books as Amazon did with the detective Harry Bosch series.

The books are somewhat formulaic in that it’s always Reacher / friend of Reacher randomly gets in the brown and smelly against insurmountable odds > Reacher surmounts said odds in the most direct and brutal way possible and often gets the girl on the way.


We have all the books too.

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A bit of a repetitive scenario, but commercially effective - and I’m impressed how he manages to pull in some current/contemporary goings on in the US to allow his creation to wreak havoc in a seemingly different US state each time. I have to say that I wasn’t overly convinced by the co-authored latest work with Lee Child’s brother, though. There seemed to be a lot more first person narrative, as opposed to 3rd person narrative, that I found difficult to reconcile with the previous storytellings.

Never read the books or saw Tom Cruise (not a fan). This looks quite fun. I’ll give it a go

As a Lee Child fan I enjoyed this first series.
Ritchson makes a convincing Jack Reacher.
I tried the beer bottle opening trick myself - the stitches come out in two weeks & I never drank the beer.


It has been renewed for Series 2

In the end I enjoyed it - not too intellectual, just a bit of escapism but often that’s all you need.

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