Jack Shepherd. Is he guilty?

@anon37255541 : “it wasn’t his boat”…

If I borrowed a high performance car from a mate, had a few drinks with a girl who was as drunk as me, then let her drive me around the streets in it so that she drove it off the road and over a harbour wall, and she died.

I think I would accept responsibility for my part in her death, face any inquiry into my role in an act of apparant lethal negligence, and accept the consequences.

Pleading “it was an accident for which no-one is to blame” is a scandalous piece of mischief, and no one IMO should give it any credence whatsoever. I doubt the court, or a jury, will.strong text


Whether he owned it or borrowed it, he was the skipper.

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Let’s see what happens at the appeal. He’ll walk.

I think you need to look at the facts -

It was his boat and it had mechanical faults.

He’d been warned about speeding on the Thames previously.

He allowed someone totally inexperienced and under the influence to take control of the boat.

As the boat owner he should have insisted on the wearing of life jackets.

I won’t call this person a man, simply a total coward.


I understand it wasn’t his boat.

This is from The Guardian, every other media report of this tragedy I’ve seen also refers to ‘his boat’.

The pair headed out on his 1980s, red, 14ft Fletcher Arrowflyte GTO which he’d bought from Gumtree. The court heard the boat was badly maintained

Copied from the BBC website

It’s very obvious from his recent posts that @anon37255541 doesn’t deal in facts or consistency.

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As it has been pointed out Jack Shepherd has already been found guilty and will now have to stand trial on a number of other charges, some of them as serious as the original one.
Perhaps it would be a good time for the UK to consider tightening up its very lax use of pleasure craft laws. A boat like that involved can be used in Britain quite legally without being registered or insured, the owner/driver needs to hold no licence and the use of life jackets is voluntary. Most European (not EU) countries quite rightly have far more control over their use.


As l said earlier - Why do you waste time with this ‘Agent Provocateur’ - it seems to me that every narrative he expounds is designed to piss people off - or am l too sensitive???

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I was not actually replying to Mr Mitty, I was making what I believe to be an important point.

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Seriously Brian are you still here??? Get a grip and have some respect for Charlotte Brown and her family FFS!


Given Brians feelings about women swearing, references to birds and the dig about meeting online I suspect that the 60s will soon come round looking for their values back


It is an important point - but l was responding to your earlier remarks that he doesn’t deal in facts or consistency.


All out of troll food!


The stone age :frowning:

Well, it would seem that Brian has an unfortunate track record here, which thankfully, I seem to have missed, but if we just focus on the issue at hand. The girl in question was 24, an adult, she drove the boat and she crashed the boat. Her Dad and sister seem in denial about her role in the tragedy. If Shepherd had died and she survived, she’d be the defendant. As a skipper I know what my responsibilities are and he obviously didn’t or didn’t care and so should pay the price. The message that should be taken from this IMO is that boats are unregulated in Britain and that can cause tragedies. On the other hand restricting boat ownership/use in an island nation used to messing about in boats could be as contentious as restricting gun ownership is to the NRA. What do you do?

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Will someone shut this idiot up . He’s simply a contrarian who has the grasp of neither the law nor of logic. I thought this species of troll had died out with the demise of the Knuckle Grazers Gazette.


I cannot believe there’s any real discussion about who is to blame for the death of Miss Brown, if Jack Shepherd had not been try to impress his new date by racing down the Thames in a poorly maintained speedboat then she would still be alive today.


If you drive a car it is impressed upon you that you are in charge of a dangerous machine, the same should be applied to shipping.
The small fast boats and the other boats whose skippers take chances or just do not really know what they are doing and then endanger the lives of others when they have to be rescued.
It should be mandatory to have some form of certification.
When Jim was working away he went to night school to get his Day Skipper certificate.