Jack Shepherd. Is he guilty?

Jack Shepherd has handed himself in to the Georgian police. He jumped bail which is an offence but apart from that I can’t see what he’s actually done wrong. He took a girl out for the night and the 2 of them went for a spin in his boat he let her have a go and they had an accident. She died which is very sad. He hadn’t kidnapped her. He was found guilty in his absence, I’m sure he will overturn that. He will spend a year in custody waiting for a date for his appeal. The girls family are of course very upset at their loss, but I can’t blame the man.

You are at it again aren’t you.


Don’t be a dick Brian (?) - you weren’t there and you weren’t at the trial!

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What did he do wrong?

Go and look at the trial transcripts - he was found guilty of manslaughter. Duhhhhhhhh…


In his absence, they punished him for not showing up.


IMO this is not how the Law works…

If you reread the transcripts and can highlight what leads you to think as you do… I shall be interested to hear again from you…


Why do you waste time with this “Agent Provocateur”???


We have all seen mistakes before in the British courts. Barry George for one.

and we’ve all seen a lot of wind-ups, on this forum, as well Brian. :zipper_mouth_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::roll_eyes:


At the very least he seems to be cowardly, irresponsible and arrogant. I’m not sure what his sentence would have been for the manslaughter but he would probably have been released pretty soon.

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With any luck, they’ll fly him back on Aeroflot with my favourite female pilot :joy::joy:


The thing with manslaughter is it has such broad sentencing parameters depending on culpability , as Theresa says he may well have been out soon now he will get a longer sentence

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His conviction will be quashed in 12 months. He met this girl through a dating site and was trying to impress her. Just bad luck for everyone involved.

Of course he’s guilty, a UK court found him so after a trial which he chose not attend. There can be no arguments to the contrary unless or until there’s another trial following his appeal.

The fact that he chose not to go to court and defend himself says a lot to me. Especially when the UK Court system gives a sentence reduction for a guilty plea

Just had a read on the BBC and he was sentenced to six years in his absence Given a reduction if he had pleaded guilty and a reduced sentence for good behaviour whilst inside he wouldn’t have served long comparatively. Not like Charlotte and her family

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legal advocates stand up and defend some pretty nasty people but I can’t understand why someone not connected with the case would raise a thread in defence of a cowardly, narcissistic piece of **** like the person in question. Hopefully he’ll do some time and reflect on his deeds and serve justice for the family.


I watched the news last night and I have to say I agree with you to a degree. She was driving, she caused the accident. However, his culpability comes from him being the skipper and thus responsible for the safety of all onboard his “vessel”. He should have made sure that they were wearing lifejackets and he shouldn’t have allowed a drunk person to helm the boat. These are the same responsibilities that any skipper/boat owner has. Nevertheless, had this tragedy happened on a small “respectable” yacht sailing in the Solent I don’t think the skipper would have been handed a six year jail sentence.

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From what I’ve heard it wasn’t his boat, he borrowed it from a mate to impress a bird. A tragedy but no guilt.