Jacob Rees-Mogg has a message for the Common People


That is very good indeed.

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Very amusing.
Unfortunately it is so sad that we have to listen to this man and his European Ruination Group and that such a small minority can cause so much pain for other people who do not have the options that his extreme wealth allow.

BoJo was a “guest” speaker at a rather silly management gathering in Dublin a week or so ago. He spoke for under an hour and said nothing of interest but it has just emerged he was paid €58,000 for the gig, that’s a thousand euros a minute. No wonder he doesn’t give a damn about the impact of Brexit on the little people.

More fool them for paying him.
I have just had a very unpleasant experience with an Irish website.
Their thought processes on how one step naturally follows on from another is totally different from anything I have ever experienced.

JCB paid him just before he spoke at their plant as well. He and a few other Brexiteers are cleaning up at the moment :roll_eyes:

Can I help with the website Jane?

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This what I can’t understand about JRM. He objects to a certain amount of political and economic control being centered in Brussels but, as a devout Catholic, he has no qualms about all spiritual control being centered in Rome. I don’t trust this man’s judgement.

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He’s a twat.


Wow, your opinion of him is way higher than mine.


You think he’s an ankle then?



Very funny.

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Clever and on the nail

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