Japanese 72 micro-seasons

I think this is magically delightful, and plan to create our own for our micro-climate. Our bamboo has been sprouting for weeks already!

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I loved bamboo just until I wanted to get rid of it, what a nightmere bloody roots everywhere !


Disaster along the lateral canal - huge great forests of it in places because it has escaped from people’s gardens that come down to the canal.
Yes, I know there are non-invasive types but most people don’t know (or care) what they are buying.
IMO it’s as bad as Japanese Knot Weed.


I planted some bamboo about 6 years ago, as I wanted to create a screen to a part of the garden. When I purchased, I was told that I needed to contain it with installing vertical heavy plastic to act as a barrier to the roots. I didn’t do that, and I’ve been watching and wishing for the bamboo to grow ever since planting. It has grown so incredibly slowly that you can barely notice any change, as it still looks very similar to when I originally planted it. Just can’t figure out why it barely grows, as it’s been fed and watered etc. Does seem very strange, when bamboo generally is meant to be quite rampant!

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Don’t worry it’s just lurking, sending out little feelers and one day it will explode into a dense thicket!



Complete with giant panda. :grin:

We planted bamboo as a screen at our house in France, it lurked for a few years before, as Jane said, it went mental. We did contain it but clearly not as well as we thought as it broke out and appeared everywhere! I do hope the new owners appreciate its screening :laughing:


I too put it into lined trenches, it just does as it pleases, cutting the new shoots with the mower makes no difference.
I have seen it in very large pots , recently , I will wait to see if the bamboo escapes from that

I think I’m getting bamboo envy :grin::grin::grin:

Noooo - it’s evil! :frowning_face:

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