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Have any of you been involved in this fund raising scheme?
I am possibly going to get involved…my sort of thing.
Any one in my area 47/33/24 with a big garden and lots of parking…the idea is
to collect money from paying guests for cream teas, visits etc for a liscenced
charity organisation.
It is a great way of getting the community together, involved and enjoying spring.
Of course it is also a great way of donating to charity.
Happy gardening and happy new year.

I have friends in 36 that did it for the first time 2016Preformatted text

Did your friends enjoy the experience?
Seems like a great way to help a cause.0

So it’s not a scheme where green fingered people come and do the gardening for you? Pity…I would give them a cuppa and a scone

No it is about shareing and careing…
We are in short supply of that…jokes aside.

I am in 47 and would participate. I also am working on a charity appeal for an orphanage in Nairobi Kenya in which my daughter rand I put in a week’s work before Xmas. Around 80 children in appalling conditions on a temporary site, but so happy and easy to make laugh-no Ipads for them, in fact they own nothing and share clothes. I will prepare info and needs list and would welcome support from gardens or other good ideas

Good morning Jennifer have you got a lovely garden?
The idea is to open it to the public…from time to time and add
a little something to create an event.
You charge an entrance and include something…
I am puttingtogether an event in a hotel near Bergerac and it will
be a special tea and music and a fashion show…plus other things.
But they can be fairly simple open gardens.

Hi Barbara,

well firstly there were huge problems with weather just before the open garden which made doing work ready for the event tricky. As I recall, it was very, very wet.
The other issue were that despite copious amounts of effort put into baking etc in preparation for the day, hardly anyone turned up, 5 or 7 I recall and possibly 1 was French. Maybe if you live in an area with more ex pats you might be busier. They were told the French didn’t ‘get’ charity? Not sure of your experience of that but I think they would try again.

Well I imagine that we have to try a little harder with the marketing side.
A few flyers on trees and outside the local boulangerie are not going to draw the crowds. The next needs to be spread wider.That is where the challenge really comes to us face to face.
Never be afraid to be bold or think outside the square…after all…life is round,
Try to make the event as appealing as possible and add as much fun as possible.
The teas area great idea…but add a little exhibition. An auction of donated gifts…a raffle or ask the guests to come dressed for theme and offer a small prize for the best dressed.
Many of us live in the country side and lead fairly quiet lives bit a promise of fun brings many of us out for the afternoon.

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I can’t agree with the ‘French didn’t get charity’ comment. I was talking with someone who is very involved with a charity called Appel Detresse who has a fund raising sale in her home every December. When I asked about the recent event I was told that it had gone very well and they had raised over €6000. I have also seen at first hand the support in terms of manpower, donations and activities generated by the group. Well targeted advertising works for them but their success didn’t come overnight, it has built up over the years.

Gosh David …I am with you here!
The British often say one thing and mean another.
When the French are your “friend” they really are!
And let us see …I am hoping that some of the chateaux
with gardens near StEmilion will open up their property
realising that by working with others they will not only benefit
but their open minds will help others.
And why not?
Helping other can be an amazing experience.

Blimey - you don’t often see this!

That was what they were told by someone French but it’s very reassuring to know it isn’t a universal experience.

This is the place where questions are answered…and
with those answers perhaps we help each other a little.

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