Je suis Charlie

You forget Pigliverpool, Colswyne Bay never mind Pig in a Poke on Trent

(That's enough Pig Jokes-Ed)

PS There are crisis talks in Melton Mowbray and they are looking for alternative names and recipes for their famous product. "Deflated Falafel Pie" is being rolled out as we write.

I 've heard a rumour such a secret society has popped up in Porksmouth !

Not to mention Bridpork, Southpork & Pigwell...

Did he have friends called Guillaume and Benjamin and all lived behind a gardener's abri?

There was an East End butcher just near Smithfield Market many years ago. He had a notice in his window using Cockney vernacular, which as many of you might know contains an awful lot of adopted Yiddish. Anyway, his sign said 'All my meat is kosher', meaning that is was fresh market meat and not crap. Strings of sausages hung below it, there were pork, joints, chops and offal on display, no actual kosher though. The kosher butcher along the same road had his sign saying 'All my meat is kosher kosher'. I have some good old black and white photographs somewhere in my 'archive' (roughly 40 cardboard filing boxes), would love to have put them up here but none of us would remember the point by the time I find them.

Really Celeste, you need to brush up on your french history ! François de Malherbe was born in Caen (Gods country !) and the football team SM Caen (nickname Malherbe) took his name as a mark of respect.

True enough tho' they are a load of rubbish !

I heard that pork sausages are going to be banned in certain towns in the UK, in order not to offend the majority. Secret societies of sausage fanciers are already springing up in such places by invitation only. Before you can get in you have to eat a test meal of a sausage sandwich and then be voted in by an electoral college, using strict guidelines and total anonymity. Hidden cameras were apparently taken into a recent meeting and a photo was smuggled out. Once you are in your membership is good for five years, and you are entitled to use the coveted "tax grab" handshake so you can recognise fellow travellers members![](upload://2Zqje0l4iv0yBjAh7fdRJII9J9w.jpg)

Well yes, precisely !

Pork swossages, apparently :)

Blimey, first Jemima and now Reham !!

What's Imran Khan got that I haven't ???

And same in Ligue Magnus ice hockey too :) Our local Briançon Red Devils won it last year, now it's the inevitable "everyone wants to beat them"!

FCL hovering above the relegation zone - my french side are currently propping up the table !!! Malherbe are the Crystal Palace of the french first division, they are up and down more times than a whores drawers !

Ah now lads, let's go careful here, can't have this behaviour :

We can't all be members of the elite, Peter. He's a fan of the Merlus, of course, which will do OK because they regularly supply new blood to l'OheM which is my third team :)

Not a fan of the mighty Lilywhites then ? Suppose that will be a black mark against him ?

Quite, Peter ; and one who can also hold an intelligent conversation with a wierd grumpy old Lancastrian while tucking in to fish and chips and swigging pints on a sunny terrace in Barcelona, where they both live (number one daughter + BF from Lorient)

He was one of the last to do "service militaire" and did it in la Marine Nationale, as all Bretons should do!

What is a 'steady lad' for you Ian ?

One who doesn't fall over when he's had a few ?

Righto, will look you up the next time. Bryn will prolly remember me as having brought a crowd of Italians in there coming back from Ireland via Roscoff, and also while we were on the Locmaria job. Just mention "Caio Evans" :)

If you do come up here let me know- you can find us in White Pages- right in the centre of Scrignac. Will do with Bryn! I have been to the museum at Douarnezez- I have two nice 19th C watercolours of fishermen there for sale if you are interested in such things!!!!

Only get up there for hols nowadays, David. We've been in the Morbihan the last few times, around Lorient, should be up there again soonish because daughter number one has a steady lad from Lorient :)

I also had a brief from the Old Ships outdoor museum at Douarnenez before that collapsed. I did warn them *shakes finger solemnly*, all those kind of projects suffer from the same weakness ; all very well to sink thousands into "investissement" ; it's the ensuing "fonctionnement" you have to worry about - where are the wages and overheads going to come from? They certainly didn't come from entry fees in this case, as there weren't any! All closed now...

PS say hello to Bryn for me, the next time you're in the pub :)

I was at Ty Elise last week! I am in the Association Patrimoine des Monts d'Arree. We had a day out last week and went to the quarry at Locuon. Will read your report- are you ever up here now? Dow you know Micahel Batt from Rennes- we had a day I organised on the visits by Mortimer Wheeler to the area in 38 and 39.