Jelly! New coworking events in Languedoc

Hello everyone

I have just (only just!) started

A ‘Jelly’ is a coworking event that enables self-employed people and freelancers to get a change of scene, chat, maybe pick up some useful ideas and carry on working at the same time.

Things to know about Languedoc Jelly;

  1. It is not a business.

  2. It is not a networking event.

  3. Attending a Jelly is free.

If you are interested in coworking please keep an eye on the website or follow the Facebook / Twitter updates about dates and booking. The first Languedoc Jelly event will take place in Montpellier April 2011 and there will be many more around the region.

I'd love to hear about any venues in your local area that offer free wifi and would be suitable coworking spaces. Please get in touch with details if you have a location in mind. :-)

Thank you, Annette

Hi Rachel, I’ll be at Malcolm’s on Wednesday so hopefully if you are there we can talk about it then ?!

Thanks Peter - I’ll be in touch !

We have a “jelly mould”… space and wi-fi. Midway between Carcassonne & Narbonne, just off the D6113 and 5 mins from A61.