Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit: Labour will push for concessions

“There was a referendum,” he told BBC1’s Breakfast programme. “There was a decision by the people of this country and we support the result of the referendum, and have to carry it out.

More then anything else, this binary representation of the Brexit results really get under my skin. It appears to me that the fact that pretty much half voted for and half voted against is conveniently forgotten, and when I see this bill pass without much debate, hysterical media wichhunts against Judges tasked with determening the correct process to follow for Brexit, I fear for the interests of those who voted remain, which is still a sizeable chunk of people.

I’m not British so it is all the same to me in many ways, but many of my friends live there, and are all very upset, first at the outcome, and now at the very real danger that their concerns will go unheeded.

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Totally agree, Martijn.

Referendum are a dangerous options to go alone, if safeguards for a proper voting majority, are not built in, especially for something which will affect the whole population and it’s future.

Not allowing 16 year old son to vote, excluding UK peeps around the world with the 15 year rule on an advisory referendum, is totally mind blowing!

I’m sure if you did a ref vote on bringing back hanging, you will possibly get a majority to say yes, let’s do it. Would Mr Corbyn and other MP’S back the proposal so quickly without any proper debate? I can only believe some of these MP’S have done this for short-term polictical survival.

I find it so hard to understand why so many MP’s are willing to sacrifice our country’s future, in such an certain world, with Trump on one side and Putin, on the other.