JERSEY gives more fishing rights

Just announced that Jersey has given 49 new licenses to French fishermen. Was it because of threats or former errors?

Somewhat convenient - so UK have not given in to French pressure (but they have asked Jersey to).

The UK/Jersey were always going to back down, weren’t they?
Brexit was based entirely on empty posturing and symbolism - but when it comes to reality the EU holds nearly all the cards (and France can be sure of EU support because it’s in the big club, not out in the wilderness).
This is ultimately why all the big talk of the brexiters has come to nothing - remember ‘exactly the same’ trade terms, ‘whistling for’ Article 20 obligations, the ‘big prize’ of a US trade deal, lower prices, etc, etc…


I read something earlier suggesting that there had been some confusion in reporting and these are not 49 new licenses that have been issued today, but are the same licenses that had been approved earlier and come into effect today.

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And then of course you get the face-saving muddying!

The BBC is still reporting that uk is considering legal action, nothing about this (yet)

I would expect it to disappear from the news pretty quickly.

They are temporary licences expiring in January.

Really? Just like truck driver’s work permits - IMHO these people are bloody idiots :joy:

Macron - 1 Bojo/Frost/ERG - 0

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This is a pragmatic decision whilst negotiations continue at EU level. That’s surely better than the French idea of stopping UK trawlers unloading their catch from tomorrow which would put 000’s of workers out of a job in Boulogne?

And there was me looking forward to France turning the lights off. Sighs…


My arse. Johnson hasn’t a leg to stand on.

Me too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I understand that a lot of SFers hate the current Westminster incompetents with a passion, but some here seem to wish genuine hardship on the British people as a mechanism for bringing Boris and Co to book.

There’s also next to zero understanding of what the current dispute is actually about.

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“All cross-Channel traffic and all freight [to the UK] will be blocked” - Olivier Leprêtre, French fishing leader.