Jerusalema Challenge - anyone prepared to admit?

Jerusalema is my latest earworm. :grin:

I’ll admit to finding it late in the day - someone posted it on the music thread showing the Irish Garda and it was the first time I’d seen / heard it.
The dance just is brilliant for social distancing! And I love all these videos of school kids, medical staff, shop assistants and so on and so on all round the world - doing the challenge.
So, I thought I’d have a go - oh my! Fortunately I’m trying on my own (the dogs don’t have the patience and OH is adamant he has 2 left feet) , otherwise I’d always be facing the wrong way from everyone else!

And as for wiggling the hips! I lived in Brazil in the 70s and know all about the samba hip wiggle. :grin:
I’m not surprised this came out of a dance troupe in Angola.

Anyone admit to dancing to Jerusalema? And are you any good at it??? Do you have any tips how to do it?

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All the examples I can see on YouTube look different… :thinking:
(Not that I could do it - I have enough trouble walking these days…)

Hi Angela, I think each troupe adds their own variations, but this is the basic series of steps …


Thanks Sue. Hmmmm… not sure the boys should be watching though… :rofl:

Ah! But have you seen some of the boys/men doing it?? Talk about hip wigglers. Just wonderful.

I couldn’t do that sort of thing even when I was in my prime! I think my joints are connected differently - it was the excuse I used for failing to do Zumba and I was still using it last year when I couldn’t master the yoga pose for saluting the sun :smiley:

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I have watched so many on You Tube, but I really love this version :grinning:


This is hypnotic!

I couldn’t do that!

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Not sure I can’t get my wobbly bits timed to music :zipper_mouth_face: :laughing:

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I never was any good at dancing. Two left feet. The only time I thought I might be succeeding was at the local fête years ago when an aquaintance lifted me off my feet and whirled me round in what I think was a very fast moving bourée. He didn’t try it twice…


I can do the arm movements…does that count?

Oh yes!

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Another ‘dance’:

Not 'arf! And the same with the Trinis at Carnival. In a taxi going to Piarco airport Port of Spain, the phone-in on the radio shortly before Carnival was all ‘grown ups’ complaining about the blatant, exaggerated miming of copulation that had replaced dancing.

My ex and her two daughters, having lived in Trini, could operate their pelvises in ways that were multi-X-rated.


I love this version too. They are so good too.

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So, this is nothing to do with forming up for a 12th Crusade to the Holy Lands? I’ll tell Herself that I won’t be needing my Templar tabard mending after all.


I’ve put on so much weight recently maybe I need to do some fun dances a few times a week!

I’m currently using this one in some of my English classes as I’ve been doing 'left / right / forwards / back(wards). The little girls (under 10s) just love it! Not sure if I should try it with my teens tomorrow - not sure they’ll be up for it :rofl: :rofl: sure puffed me out but so much fun!

Sorry can’t work out how to embed it!

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Just copy the address and then paste straight into your post and it does it for you.

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