Jingle Bells

Only 70 days till Christmas

( eerr irreligious/multifaith/nondenomination/mid-Winter-Seasonal Holiday )

So, Here's your FREE Countdown ( ooo Rachel ) Clock

And a charming rendition of JIngle Bells ( more of a famous Grouse type me sen )

BUT here is the poser.

What is the worst TV Jingle that you have ever heard?


A Mars a day, helps you work rest and play.

OK, happy with working, and playing..but resting? after that Sugar Rush? I don't think so.

Having chomped my way through that one ...

"You'll wonder where the yellow went

When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent"

Disgusting! ...I mean really... should have been a film! YUK ...anyway where did that yellow went?

Your comments on a Glitter ( not you Gadge ) Card please.

Try singing along with the Ditties to help you along

Ok in fairness I did have to re-read this thread, just to find out what it was all about. Handily I had offered FREE of charge a linky dink to the CHRISTMAS Countdown Clock...... here it is again for those who missed out on this FREE to use, timely reminder and a sign that there are now ONLY 61 days to the start of the festivities, and Christmas Day.

Me, the cooking, cleaning, washing lady and the teapot lids are hell bent on getting back to blighty, for the shopping of the bargains, and the quaffing of the Sherry.

We are aiming to purchase a Lappy for the littlest, and for our own peace of mind, totally refuse to pay the rip off prices here. Checked out a few dealettes a few weeks back when I was doing a tour of Comets, PC World and a few Curries, which I understand have merged?

ooooooo Curries!

God nose we've tried but you just can't seem to get that Chrismassy vibe going here.

Oh yeah! the thread is about 'worst evah Jingles' what are your faves and or worsts?

I don't know if anyone's getting Chrismassy yet. I love it, mince pies, gift giving, love , peace, goodwill to all men ( and women ) the sign songs ... ahhhh Andy Part-ri-dge in a pear tree.


on pontificating, a sub heading of the stuffs, debatably under the 'grows here' section...there's the stuff that's generated here... methane, nuke reaction from the molten core of the Earth etc. It may warrant a heading in its own right.OK 4 types of stuff. Don't care....as long as its tidy.

OK good buddy, Have a good day.

to my view, there are only 3 types of stuff on the planet. The stuff that's always been here, the stuff that grows here, and the stuff that is synthesized in a lab...and OK maybe some stuff that falls out of the sky.

Your rubber band was once some tree sap in Malaysia.

And tyred out. Now for some W O R K, pronounced ... no, better not. Later.

ah ha.... you're all rubbered up?

One could Spockulate on shoulder progress, Klingonfilm is recommended for holding it in place and Vulkanisation for its general good.

so tell me, what piece of Klingon are you having trouble with?

Just beamed back Scottie...

ooo thought you were out?

Scuse me, can you write that all again in Earth language?

Whilst Brian the Brain wends his way tward the fizzy pop yer shoulder back in lady....ouch. I will take this opportunity to have a spleen venting on the topic. I do have a little German in me, get down Ruddi, so I much prefer the "Regelmäsich" a neatness, an orderliness.

After an hour of Buddhist prayer from 4am to 5 each morning I then tend and rake my Zen rock garden Nowhere near as large as those depicted, but a dry landscape Garden none-the-less. In the epicentre sits a large lump of Basalt probably hundreds of millions of years old.

This solidified Magma can be found all over Cap D'Agde serenely giving off its vibe as if to say bin there, done it. A stark and visual reminder that we, the human ape, are merely flesh and blood. I took as snap of one of these magestic giants last year, some twat had spray painted the word F*ck on it..in dayglow green for added effect. Poor soul, probably gave no thought to its status. I don't mind the mindless vandalism, in fact certain acts of tagging are considered Art, but it did strike me as being a little ironic in that had we not have been f*cking all these years, we wouldn't be here, and you, if indeed you are, would not be reading this. Would this lummox of a slab ( the rock not the tagger ) really give a damn' anyway. By the time M.leTag is long dead and rotten, the rock can safely look forward to another couple of million years peace and tranquility.

Be the paint petrobased he'll have been spraying liquid Jurassic plankton, and if it was water based, regardless of how many times it had been condensed, evaporated, percolated and recycled, may well have found its start in life as part of some comet Billions of years ago. Either way, eventually this scar on Mother Earth will erode away to nothing...or nearly nothing.

As a point of order, to get back to my point, of order. I don't like un-neatness. We are all click happy ( some of us at least ) sharers of pics and ditties, thanks to your BaseFook and other social ( ha!) networking vehicles. I don't mind if someone copies a pic of a fluffy kitten onto my FB page...along with its banal title....but please not a title set in Cooper Black or some other ghastly Typeface. Nope I have to get rid of it straight away, after all it's MY Page..I want it looking nice. for me.

Spleen vented, I must away, I have a visitation @ noon from Polie Walsand....must have a tidy round. maybe a quick rake.

OK Byron,

I fully understand, it can happen. Good luck at the bonecrushers. And may the Force be with you.


Look here, nja, nja, nja... Yeah, just copied, didn't look and got the lot, lazy streak won and didn't chop down. Tongue protruding and all that, which you would not notice in the chaos I am sitting amidst. Hahaha! No head stuff, good. Off to bone breaker for my fizzy-oh-oh right now. Take it easy and later!

Brian, I hold you in the highest esteem, as do many in these pages as I've no doubt do your peers and colleagues . However, making a post such as the above without a URL shortener leaves the recipients page looking ( albeit momentarily ) a trifle, how can I put it....ugly.... offensive to the eye on this feed as per my FaceBook page.

I like NEAT....I don't ask a lot in life, kindness perhaps, tolerance, an occasional Digestive biscuit.

But I have to have neat looking Pages.

Hope you don't mind me mentioning it... here...just after your Birthday and all. Too late it's done now.

hahahaha! do we have a marginally thick heed this morning?


you got read this one, better than santa...