Job going - Aveyron

Hi everyone,

One of training organisations I work with has been asked to put forward a proposal to provide English lessons for a company based in Capdenac in the Aveyron (not far from Rodez). This is a big project as there are 22 people to train and each person has 35h to be spread over group work and one-to-one tuition. Full days of lessons is an option.

If anyone lives close enough to Capdenac to make this feasible, or if you know of any reliable colleagues who may be interested (as I’m referring here, I must insist on the person having a recognised TEFL certificate or diploma) please contact me at your earliest convenience as there are other training organisations already on the ball!

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help with this.

Lynne Hutchinson
Executive English

I guess this is for Forest-Liné in St Julien d'Empare near Capdenac, I've already taught there when I was working for the CCI. I would have been interested but have other projects I'm working on now outside teaching and I'd be surprised if the CCI don't keep it although having said that they are expensive...!