Job market in france

I heard that there are more chef than lawyer in france;and the majority of peoples are on welfare because there are limit of company and jobs.Plus,france change from francs to euro in dollar sign.In addition;people paid alot of taxes to support the people on welfare and the best health care coverage in the world.France has higher taxes than united states.How can people pay the rent with euro and survive in france.p.s Please reply to my blog james and catherine.MERCI!!!

unemployment just under 10%, more chefs than lawyers… I hope so as they’re far more useful :wink: the whole euro zone changed to the euro back in january 2002 which must give it pretty much the same number of users as the US dollar. yes we pay far more in taxes but i think we get far more back - soocialist rather then capitalist way of working. If you have a job you can pay the rent (which varies enormously depending where you live) minimum wage in France gives you around 1000€ net/in your hand each month for a full time job. most people survive quite nicely!

The rotten, closed employment market in France is an enduring shame to this otherwise dynamic, well educated, and competent country. Until France cures itself of the idea that one is entitled to a “lob for life” from which one can never be fired and which remains unchanging forever, it will remain mired in 10% unemployment.

More worrisome for me as a parent are the values this system inadvertently teaches to the young who, by and large, exercise very little imagination when it comes to creating work for themselves. France, for those of you who were counting, is second only to Japan in being the least entrepreneurial country in the world. A bas, l’état mère. Don’t even get me started on the utterly offensive administrative presumptions one has to get by as an independent worker in this country! Fortunately, when the time comes, my son will be able to learn something about what work is once he is of age to go to the US.

By the way, Jimmy Giang, US citizens are some of the least taxed people on earth. Fair is fair, after all.