Job opportunity in leisure and hotel market

Dear members of Survive France!

In am new on this network, so let me introduce myself. My name is Ab Kuijer, I am Dutch, living in France since 2006 and founder of Hotel Marketing Support. Our goal is to support hotels to empower their online presence, with, as a result, more direct bookings. We use content marketing in different languages to achieve this. The content is posted on travel blogs and social forums to raise awareness for the hotel.

As you might know, hotel room rates are more and more dictated by OTA’s like Hotels that do not comply to the asked rates will not be shown in the OTA search results. An unfair battle!

BComing from an innovation marketing agency, we are always alert on new technologies and tools that help hoteliers to gain strength against higher commission fees of OTA’s. Last year we discovered a new initiative, developed by people from the hospitality sector. They launch a new booking platform with the focus on hoteliers, not on room rates. This new concept offers a high-end professional platform that is launched in 87 countries. For only 200 euro per year, hotels can display themselves full screen and sell rooms, package deals, and group bookings.

The booking platform does not ask any commission; hotels deal directly with the traveler. And in the presentation and offers, there is no distraction from showing competitive rates in the same area. The ranking inside the booking platform is based upon Tripadvisor’s guest ranking. So the best ranking will be shown first in the list.

We are testing the platform right now:

I am looking for professional sales driven people in all regions of France. If you think you are suitable for the job of Business Development Manager, do contact me. We pay high-commissions, year after year, so we aim at a long and fruitful cooperation. If you want to be part of this game changer in the leisure market, let me know. I will be happy to send you more information.

Kindest regards,

Ab Kuijer

PS I could not find a 'work' category, so please share if you know someone that might be interested.

I just moved to the South of France a few months ago near Perpignan.

I was a a multilingual interpreter in Spain for the National Police and Courts for the last 4 years..

I thought working in tourism, guest service and customer service ideal for me.

Do you have any oppenings? willing to relocate