Job seeker

Just joined and looking for a bit of information. I had a place in Brittany but husband wanted to sell , There were a few problems like mice, and damp problems . I felt isolated as it was in a rural spot, but could have joined French classes to try to join in with the French people and may have helped. I wanted to stay but don’t have any way to support myself. We had an offer for the cottage and my husband wanted to get out .I was wondering if I could return to France is there any help at all while I look for work and take French lessons ? I don’t mean sponge off the French system I am genuinely wanting to support myself by working . I have worked in retail most of my life . I have to find somewhere to live and it’s very expensive here to rent and live. £600 just for a months rent plus bills about 800 a month. I miss Brittany , France . In the right place a town or somewhere not too isolated I think I would ok. Does anyone have any Ideas at all for me to go back to France ? I know some of you will say stay in the UK but I don’t want to stay . I don’t have family just 2 grand daughters I can visit and they can visit me .


If you need a job to survive, moving to France without a job is a very big gamble. Of course it is possible to find a job but it’s not usually easy and especially if you don’t speak good French it can take a long time (ie years) before you find one. There used to be factory work available in some parts of Brittany, in the meat and poultry packing factories - Europig used to be a lifesaver for Brits in Brittany who were running out of money, I think there was one near Josselin, don’t know if it’s still there? You got the work through temp agencies and it didn’t matter if you couldn’t speak much French. But if you don’t find a job quickly you can’t live on fresh air in France any more than you can in the UK - less, in fact, because if you live in France without the means to support yourself you’d be in an irregular situation, and the government has no obligations towards anyone who is living here irregularly.

If you’re currently in receipt of jobseekers allowance in the UK then I believe you can move to France to look for work and continue receiving jobseekers from the UK for a fixed period, might be 6 months? or 3 months? If you google something like “exportable benefits” you will find the details.

Good luck but make sure you have a solid plan before you dive in. Brittany is a lovely place but life is pretty miserable and depressing anywhere if you don’t have enough money to eat and keep warm and pay the bills.

Hi Anna ,
Thanks for your reply . I may have to try get work here and come over for short stays till I can afford to support myself over there. I just miss the place . Maybe one day I’ll get there .