Job's in France

Been looking for work in France on internet,qualified uk electrician but can do most work in renovation on French properties as in my own 200 year old farmhouse,about to make this my main residence so need to be able to maintain my living here without going back to uk for contract work, any idea's........

you star thank you going to check that out...getting nowhere fast at the moment!

Not sure if anyone else noticed or had the same google ad thrown at them, but AdChoices at the top of this page decided to advertise the following to me:

'New Career? Become An Electrician'

Got to love a search engine random ad network based on keywords and algorithms with a sense of irony!

Lyndsay, take a look over in the 'Working in France' group where there might be some help in terms of your OH's qualifications, etc. Might help!


we have been over here since July, we now live in the Vendee, myself, my husband and our three children. My husband has registered as an auto entrepeneur...and has had a few little jobs as a joiner...however not enough really to make a living.

Really struggling to get word out there of what we do (house renovation/property management services) so understand your struggles...I think the work is there, just got to find it. Just got to keep plugging away, we set up a website for ourselves, maybe that may help... we are keeping fingers crossed.

Also registered with the job centre, and have now got a log in so we can check on there for joinery work.

Just some ideas hope you find something soon.


Thanks Barbara for you reply, sorry for delay in any answer we have had family over for holiday and had a great time, they were amazed with the lack of people and other car in 18km's on a journey to Crozant and Eguzon I told them thats the norm.

As for work I think the uk electrical contract may get the go ahead just need to agree with contract when it comes you have put work is tight everywhere so I may have to take a pay cut to secure it,but if it keeps my French dreams afloat I would willingly do that.

My meeting with the local builder was postponed so hope to meet up before next weekend to keep my options open to stay and work in my local area, not as electrician but as a handyman etc...can do most jobs in the building game as renovated 5 properties over 20 years but realise there are many Brits doing this already,here's to hoping.......Dougie

I have to say there is a definate lack of jobs.

However this lack of jobs is not unique to France.

Ask around in UK.

As I have pointed out before .....Make your own work or at least try.

Get up and go and perhaps...people will get.

Thanks Tracy, most of my work (90%) in the uk was/is word of mouth so I know where you are coming from as customers satisfaction is the best advertisment because their friends and family always ask who carried out the work. I will be checking out Richard, Brian and Jenny's comments for the here and now in France. I am hoping to meet up with a local builder (English) here in dept 36 tommorow to ask a few questionsas he has been here and trading for 7 years all above board so he would be a good mind of information.......Dougie

oh oui aar! Another accent, but know wotcha mean!

Thanks Richard advice taken on board.....Dougie

Thanks Brian your reply notes have been printed off to go through to see what can be sorted.

I have all City&Guilds qualifications from passing in 1983/4 up to sitting the 17th edition reg's a few years ago (being the oldest in the class....even the tutor was younger than me) all passed with certs.

I will continue to do contract work in the uk until I can be legally trading here in France, may take a while as my spoken French is slowly getting better, and with the Dorset/Somerset accent it makes my French friends laugh...not good for a professional career.

thanks again Dougie

Thanks Jeni for response to my post on site, I'm lucky with the fact that I can still go back to the uk to do short contract electrical work and with the costings of travel there and back I can still earn good money as long as I do a min 3 weeks each time.....looks like I will still be doing this for a while longer until I get established here. I am glad you daughter has got on the job ladder here as it's not the money more the positive response you get from people around you knowing you can contribute to living here in France....Dougie

Would agree with all the advice given here, the most important being to get out there, most jobs are by word of mouth. All except one of the jobs I have had in France have been by knocking on doors, complete with CV. Incidentally a French CV is very different to a UK one.

If you are not working you should register with the Pole-Emploi and take advantage of all the ateliers on offer, including how to write a CV in French. I also attended on on interview techniques which was very helpful.

Bearing in mind Jenny and Brian's comments, it may be worth widening your horizons a little to get that first job, good luck.

Make up a cv then go and visit the bigger companies.Getting a start ,short term contract 3 months,so that you can be assessed and you can assess what you know and don't know.

Dougie, are you sitting comfortably? Then let us begin:

In order to legally carry out a trade, 'metier', in France you must be registered with your local Chambre de Metiers ( ). Some trades are highly regulated with specific criteria for what qualifications are required. Most building trades, for instance, require a 'Certificat d'aptitude professionnelle" (CAP) or a minimum of three years experience in the relevant trade. Electricians are included in this.

If you have English qualifications that can be acknowledged by the authorities in France, or other means of proving you have sufficient experience as an electrician, then you do not need to study to obtain a CAP. However, the main thing is to learn all French wiring regulations (NF C 15-100) and techniques which are sometimes a little, and other times very, different to the UK. If you aren't able to produce an installation that is accepted by the inspecting body (CONSUEL - or do one that causes a client to take action because of problems through your compulsory 10 year insurance guarantee, you aren't going to succeed. You also need a good level of spoken and written French in order to trade properly.

You should really attend 'Stages de formation' (training courses) run by the local Chambre de Commerce/Metiers in your area. In most departments this is a requirement for registering as a business. Some departments apparently have courses run specifically for English speakers. The courses also cover most criteria for setting up a business and will explain tax, cotisation system and so on.

If there are questions about your qualifications, refer the people to the European Qualification Framework. Ideally, look up EQF, print in out in English and French and slap it on the occasional table when people hum and ha about your qualifications. Best of luck!

My daughter has been looking for a job via the internet here in France for 8 months now. She should have the best possible chance as she is multi disciplined. She spends about 5 hours a day responding to advertisements and never gets a response. Recently she walked into a pub in Monaco and got a job as a barmaid. Luckily enough she worked in a pub all through her university years and is very able. Now she is off the computer and actually talking to people, she is getting advice, referrals and a lot of moral support. She is happier to be earning money again, however little, her self esteem is returning and she's looking to make a more personal approach to job hunting. Good luck with your own search.