Johnny Hallyday, the 'French Elvis', dies aged 74

BFM news had no other stories today, I thought it was a little ott.

Hi Huffy… not really OTT for French folk… Johnny is/was their very own home-grown pop/rock star…

As one neighbour tearfully explained…(rough translation).

He is charismatic…he has presence…he sings to us from the heart…and we love him for it. As a youngster, he suffered…and he has never overcome that sadness…always he has struggled to find personal happiness … always he has been in torment. He is one of us…he did not desert us for America… he stayed true to us and we will never forget him.


I earned quite a few brownie points from my neighbours today, by leading the singing of “Je te reverrai” …(which was the first JH record I bought back in 1964.) :relaxed:

No, I will not be doing any public performances…so you can all relax…:grinning: