Johnson at his best

(Paul Flinders) #1

I told you it would take more than a trip to the barber’s to fix this tosser.

Much outcry regarding his comments re investigating historic abuse.

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(Helen Wright) #2

Absoutey disgraceful…and a revolting and repugnant choice of language…he makes me want to heave…

(Helen Wright) #3

As does this…

(Helen Wright) #4

Not a fan of Wikipedia but is this a Leicester Legacy …???

(Teresa Shipley) #5

I thought David Steel was a decent guy but shocked by the revelation he knew Cyril Smith was a sex offender.

(Timothy Cole) #6

The scale of historic sex abuse is mind-blowing, if every case is to be investigated then the police need 0000’s more experienced officers at a cost running into billions.

As for Johnson, sooner or later Tory members and voters will tire of him.

(Jane Williamson) #7

Apparently when talking to Cyril Smith about this subject, Smith admitted that he had been interviewed by the police, but no action was taken against him.
I cannot see what other action David Steel could have done .
The atmosphere at the time was not as suspicious as now.

(Jane Williamson) #8

Men are dangerous!
Sex perverts, wife beaters, misogynists, armed robbers, knife wielding youths, fundamental terrorists, the list goes on.
When are decent men going to do something about the appalling crimes carried out by their own sex?
For far too long being’ A Man’ has been seen as being superior.
This attitude has to change and it is decent men who need to step up to the plate.

(Teresa Shipley) #9

And ironically when women do behave badly they’re given harsher sentences than men because women should know better.
Perhaps we should put oestrogen in men’s food!

(Timothy Cole) #10

Not sure of the point you’re trying to make Jane.

(Teresa Shipley) #11

The point is 80794 men were in prison in 2017 compared to 3952 women. That’s more than 20 times more men. So statistically men are 20 times more trouble😂

(Timothy Cole) #12

All men are not dangerous, only a tiny minority. Unfortunately though in many cultures it’s the norm for women to be viewed as ‘second-class’, not sure how that attitude can be changed.

(Ronald Fox) #13

Do you not think that most decent men, of whom I consider myself one, cringe when they see yet another man inflict misery on a woman? What would you like me to do about it?

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(Jane Williamson) #14

Stand up and shout.

(Teresa Shipley) #15

I think over the last 40 years a lot has been done. It’s really down to education at a young age so that the next generation will have different attitudes. I think good men need to reject sexism and objectification of women whenever possible and perhaps refuse to be paid more than a woman in the same job.

(Nellie Moss ) #16

You cannot make a blanket statement of ‘Men are dangerous ‘ any more than you can say ‘Women are caring and nurturing ‘, ‘Black people can dance ‘ etc. Some men are dangerous the vast majority aren’t

(Jane Williamson) #17

Men are dangerous.
I did not say that all men are dangerous.
Their hormonal profile makes them so.
It is all about how they use it and what influences them.
If it wasn’t so we would be having Six Nations netball.

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(Nellie Moss ) #18

Yes but so are some ( not all ) women

(Timothy Cole) #19

Stand up and shout to whom Jane and about what exactly?

(Timothy Cole) #20

This just reinforces what I said earlier -

This woman will likely have to marry outside her faith or stay single, as a man how can I change attitudes like this?