Johnson filleted by Andrew Marr this morning

Its “Fish in a Barrel” for the Rottweiler

I missed it and haven’t had the opportunity to see the whole thing but I’ve seen a few snippets - during which Marr is uncharacteristically direct.

Johnson, of course, just blunders on as usual.

That was quite uncharacteristic questioning from Marr - he’s usually much more docile/conciliatory. I wonder what made him change his tack?

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… I wonder what made him change his tack?
Sick to death of the guy and his evasions and lies no doubt. Pity Johnson was allowed a partial recovery. I don’t remember seeing him struggle quite this much before. It was a pleasure to watch.

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For anyone like me who can’t watch BBC iPlayer…

Fast forward this YouTube video to 30 minutes… that’s when Boris Johnson comes along…


The problem with programmes like the Marr show, it has a very limited audience. Certainly not the great swathe of voters who could do with finding out the kind of bandit they voted for, having swalled whole the ‘Levelling Up Of The North’ - the Red Wall and all that.

However well Marr did with Bojo, once the blundering blond oaf settles back in the PM limo he can mutter, “Right. Got the Marr thing done for a bit. Nobody watches it, anyway.”


Much like PMQs

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I thought Roger Daltrey made far more sense

And he’s been around 50 years…thanks God Boris won’t be!
Just watched Lucy Fraser (just appointed Financial Secretary to Treasury) also filleted on Newsnight by Emily Maitlis…completely floored and couldn’t give credible answers to some very sharp questions over work vouchers farce…just 27 fuel drivers have applied so far… and just shows how Johnson’s cabinet is full of real lightweights.

Please be gentle as I’m obviously missing a major factor…

Up until quite recently, the UK Tanker drivers were doing their normal thing… driving tankers and delivering fuel across the UK.

what happened… ??? (did someone beam them up to another planet )

Because he is seeing just how badly briefed BoJo is and how he doesn’t care about how much suffering Brexit is causing.
It is not as though farmers are a changing industry to the extent that they have become redundant, they are an integral part of life in UK and they keep the population fed without importing meat from other countries where animal welfare is not as important as it is in UK.
This will affect the balance of payments, it will cause untold grief and I suppose BoJo will just tell them to retrain and this is a temporary faze before the grand dream of a few of the elite and which they sold to the great British public through their lies and failure to face facts.
Well it is all coming home to roost now and they are using Covid as an excuse for their arrogance.
Well it won’t wash and I for one wouldn’t mind seeing a hecatomb of arrogant politicians.

Is it just possible that the BBC has grown tired of being the Tories’ sock puppet?

I presume this was “R4 Today” this morning as reported by Bloomberg

“Prime minister, you are going to pause,” Robinson said. “Prime minister, stop talking. We are going to have questions and answers not where you merely talk if you wouldn’t mind.”

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I think many workers waited until Covid was more under control before returning to their native countries in the EU.

Listening to some interviews on the radio, many people felt that they were just not wanted in UK and in certain areas of Britain, eg Boston, there was downright hostility.

Yes, R4 Today on 05/10/2021. Nick Robinson (a known Tory) gave me further hope (after Marr) that the BBC’s easy ride of the hopelessly out of touch PM is coming to an end.

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I am shocked if this is correct.
Edit - Just had a look on t’interweb and see he was chairman of the Young Conservatives.
Must listen to this interview.

Of course this really grew after the vote to leave. Many highly skilled Poles left for Germany and Norway. It’s not nice to live with xenophobia openly expressed by little england’s dimwits.