Joining a local choir, anyone know?

I’d like to join a choir or an amdram group, I live near aigues mortes thankyou in advance

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I can’t help with your area, but one thing worth checking if you’d like to be involved with a fairly ambitious choir is the local Conservatoire de Rayonnement Regional or Departmental - in your case I think the nearest will be Aix-en-Provence or Nimes. These generally offer instrumental and vocal classes, but also professionally conducted ensembles, each of which gives two or three concerts every year. (I’m studying baroque music at Chartres conservatoire; besides early music ensembles and an orchestra, it also has a jazz band and furnishes a rock band for the end of year gig.) There are a good number of adult singers although a lot of the conservatoire’s work is with school students.

Thankyou so much for taking the time to reply. I shall look into it. Also do you know of any gospel choirs in similar area? Thanks Andrea

Hello James,
I have already asked your colleague about doing this but she don’t reply.
Could you guide me to the page you are talking about, I’ve tried but can’t find it


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@Linda_Pailthorpe any suggestions? :slight_smile: