Jonathan Pie explains Sunak’s new climate strategy

Pie succinctly dissects the key aspects of yesterday’s speech.

Warning, extraordinarily bad language. Don’t watch if of a sensitive nature. Though he’s had his own series on BBC Radio 4 recently :thinking:.


Difficult to disagree with this rational view of Sunak and the current govt.

i thought sunak, was ok. He realised people in the north who he needs, simply could not afford to pay out big sums. No more can i, still with oil boiler. Same with country areas and electric cars. Would not work for me.

But no one is being forced to buy a new boiler or a new car, so what can’t you afford?


But it is all lies, no less that the £350 a week for the NHS on the bus was.

Nobody was going to be forced to change their boiler, nobody was going to be forced to change their car, there is no tax on meat, nobody was to be forced to have seven recycling bins. It’s all lies.

The bastard Sunak and the evil, but devious, shits behind him have just invented a whole bunch of fictitious problems for them to save the Nation from. That’s because they, over thirteen years, have created a whole bunch of real problems they have no notion how to deal with.

The fact is, slowing down the programme is going to cost those that can least afford it more.:roll_eyes:


Am I correct in that Labour has promised to reverse the automotive move from 2030 to 2035? If so then that IMO shows they haven’t a clue either, that only creates more uncertainty.

The correct response should have been that they disagreed with it, but by the time they would have the opportunity to rectify it we would be another year closer to 2030, and they recognised that what people and industry needed was stability and predictability now, so they would, reluctantly, live with the Tory’s poor decision.

Frankly, I think Starmer is a disaster. I’ve no idea what he stands for, he’s a straw in the wind. Jonathan Pie would make a better opposition leader :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Passion is what’s needed.


They will be claiming soon that it was just £350 per week!


With those entrenched cynical views, I must walk away,

You do that ! :joy::joy::joy:

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I think you misspelled factual.

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Moving back the new ICE car deadline is simple pre-election flim-flam that’s meaningless in reality for at least two reasons:-

i) There aren’t any more major British car manufacturers and presumably those whose HQs are elsewhere won’t bother continuing ICE production because of Sunak changing the UK date.

ii) It’s unlikely that a significant number of possible swing voters will be so committed to ICE that they are wealthy and willing enough to buy a new ICE car close to the new deadline. Particularly as there’ll be less choice as manufacturers move to total E production and unload ICE stock that 'll have a much lower resale value than previous.

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Excellent, beats a rant anytime.

Sorry ,must stop being fair and learn how to read things to suit my argument.

Rather than being snippy, perhaps you have a counter to the points that @John_Scully makes? I struggle to see any inaccuracy or cynicism.

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Challenge any of my views, I won’t bite :slightly_smiling_face: and maybe we’ll both learn something.


Sorry , but I don’t use bad language, nor reply to posts that contain it. As to countering the points, they were so far off beam to counter. I happen to think Sunak is doing a better job than his counterparts would, being old enough to remember, the mess they made of it last time. Having said that, I don’t belive in discussing things that don’t affect me, here in France. Only posted on thread, as it was so contentious.

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True, but if Ford, for example, have made projections on the basis of 2030 and invested in the UK to meet that demand then the Government softening the demand for political reasons by moving to 2035 is a real bummer. No wonder they are pissed off. I can tell you, having worked for a US MNC most of my career, that the repercussions will be subtle but severe, US MNCs do not like being lied to, and senior execs have long memories.

JLR, on the other hand, an Indian company, are soft soaping it because the’ll be looking for compensatory grants from " India’s ‘son-in-law" as he put it himself, who is scrabbling to get a trade agreement. Taking back control :joy:

That’s realpolitik, which has SFA to do with the needs of the man on the man (and woman) on the Clapham omnibus.

Are you refering to Truss and Johnson? If so, you have set the bar very low and remember Sunak said yesterday there’s more to come. The reality is Sunak and the nasty people behind him will do anything and damage anything in order to cling on to power. Surely you can see that?

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