Joseph Stiglitz

Any views on his dismissal of the euro, inequality or globalisation ? I just discovered this American economist belatedly, and I would like to get some shortcuts if possible.
He is a neo Keynesian and an academic and held top job at the world bank. Here in France he is known for his criticism of globalisation and Le Pen annexed him very quickly.
So…thank you for any comments

Never heard of him, couldn’t care less about him…

Nobel price winner American economist. Very influencial with national front…

Well we want economic solutions dont we


Then why comment?!

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Except me?

Nobody excluded.

Why are you not concerned with ,economics ? It’s the only hope for trillions of people who live in poverty

But I have no faith in ivory tower economists to deliver them.

This economist worked as head of the world bank so he was confronted to the real world unlike some academics.

Theory plus practice…