Jules, the Errant Beauceron/Dobermann

Just finished a long post on the PAD forum (Dobermann Association) in French and thought it might be of interest to dog owners here. A first for me, translating from French to English, well from ‘my’ French to ‘my’ English anyway.

I have copied it and am about to paste it here so I can refer as I translate, but will then delete the French version as not being of interest to most, but will furnish it on request so you can criticise my original. (They wouldn’t dream of that on PAD, they are so polite :laughing:)

I have bought a long training line of 30 metres for dogs. First time yesterday in the field with Jules (they, PAD, already are well acquainted with his complete lack of recall due to his chasse genes which cause his nose to cut off his ears, effectively). What a difference, it was never taut and thus he had the impression of total liberty.

When he approached the limit I gave the signal with the whistle, his name, and then, with hands free, jumped, waving my arms like a windmill, called his name with much excitement, then crouched low and slapped my thighs. He returned straight away at speed to receive his treat of ham or cheese rind.

Four times like that and on the 5th I turned my back and walked towards the track back to the house and he came past me towards the garden at my command of ‘home Jules, home’.

Today the same, but this time 2 forests also. I can leave the ribbon to follow him between the trees, in place of me, and I can see easily (it is red in colour) where it is and if it has snagged anywhere.

After 1 year of trying, 8 metre lunge, 10 metre lunge, extendible, without lead, I can sense the smell of victory. :grinning:

There is a great debate in England at the moment on the subject of the dangerous dogs’ law, because it doesn’t work. 80% of dogs who have bitten are not on the list, Labradors, Spaniels, Terriers etc. etc… You know well (this to the members of PAD) the problems I had to comply with the law with Boss (my Rottweiler) and I have for many years insisted that the problem is with training, never the breed. So I said to myself, how can I say that but at the same time blame the lack of recall of Jules on his chasse genes?

We’ll see, wish me luck, I will try to do a video soon. Fingers crossed. :smiley:


I wish you luck and look forward to the video. I have found I can only use a long line in a wide open space.

When I tried it in the woods (worst of all both dogs were on a long line) my dogs decided to wind themselves around various trees in a short space of time and it looked like an experimental weaving. It took a little while to untangle :laughing:

That’s how macramé was invented.

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Only one dog at a time which is why I was seeking a companion for Jules who was bomb proof on recall, but it wasn’t bad at all in the forest, because the line is so long. I don’t have to follow round every tree and bush, I am never far from a segment of it to grasp if necessary.

This morning.
See what I mean? :laughing: