Julian Assange Arrested By British Police Inside Ecuadorian Embassy

(James Higginson) #1

(Teresa Shipley) #2

Presumably the Ecuadorian embassy are no longer offering protection.
A very strange saga from beginning to when/If it ends.

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(Timothy Cole) #3

Is this really a big deal, the guy is hardly a saint?


(James Higginson) #4

It’s just interesting news. It was to me anyway.


(Timothy Cole) #5

Not a dig at you James.

The story is all over the news with many saying calling it an outrage, can’t see what the problem is as he’s wanted by at least two countries and the Ecuadorians clearly had had enough of protecting him.

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(Paul Flinders) #6

Have had for some time, by most accounts.


(Peter Goble) #7

It is to me too. I imagine the guy is to some extent relieved and won’t be sorry to see the back of the Ecuadorians, their cuisine, and their taste in wallpaper and TV. And they will be happy to see the back of him, and the pantomime surrounding his exile.

I haven’t followed the ins-and-outs if the WikiLeaks saga, but the guy isn’t an axe-murderer and I hope he isn’t subject to US vengefulness for his exposure of dubious diplomatic carrying-ons in the Middle East, or wherever.

At least he can begin to get a healthy tan, he has started to look like something unpleasant that lives under a stone.

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(Jane Williamson) #8

The Americans are behind all of this.
They pushed the Swedes to go after him in the first place.

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(Dan Wood) #9

I find the whole 'Wikileaks/Assange" story fascinating - it will be interesting to see if the Americans apply for his extradition in relation to his use of stolen classified material to expose US surveillance methods amongst other things.

This guardian article details the Swedish case - It’s complicated.


(Timothy Cole) #10

He didn’t want to leave but he was given little choice, if the Equadorians are to be believed his behaviour was not great and he even sued the Equadorian government over the treatment he was receiving, I bet TM and co will be glad to see the back of him as he’s cost the UK 0000’s over the last few years.


(Graham Lees) #11

All due to a regime change in Equador (amongst other things).
Just reinforces the view that you cant trust politicians to keep to their word.
Labour are right to distrust the tories - a change in regime (May goes, BoJo takes over) is their nightmare scenario.

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(Helen Wright) #12

A bit whiffy that around exactly the same time…

a) Assange arrested…

b) Facebook removes the profile of Ecuador’s former president rafael Correa…

c) And in Washington the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved a $4.2 billion 3 year loan to Ecuador with first instalment of $652 million released Monday…


(Timothy Cole) #13

Seems fairly clear to me Helen :grinning: -