July's theme for Young Photographers : "TRANSPORTATION" submissions here!

Submit your entries here for the SFN Darkroom Online Magazine's July theme: "TRANSPORTATION". It will be exciting to see ideas our Young Photographers can come up with as this theme can be interpreted in so many different ways.

A full 4 pages of the Magazine is devoted exclusively to each of our Young Photographers groups:

  • ImagINe is the place for all young photographers, 13 and upwards, to upload amazing pictures from your Smartphone or digital camera

  • ShutterBugs is especially for the under 12s

So make sure you upload your photos below and give our esteemed judges a very difficult time deciding on the 2 best photographs in each group.

Shaun Borg, 7

One week left to upload photos for the Young Photographers Group on the "Transportation" theme!! I'm excited as have persuaded my sis to raid Argos to get me a decent Nikon in the sale to bring over so Twerp will have the little one all to himself. Heaven help me...

Take the camera out in the sunshine for "Transportation" photos for this month's theme. Upload them here!

Sunday is 1st July - make sure you get your 'Transportation' themed entries in in good time for the next edition of SFN Darkroom Online. Upload them below!

Please remember THIS PAGE is for all submissions to July's "Transportation" theme for the ImagINe and ShutterBugs young photographers groups.

The first edition of SFN Darkroom Online Magazine features some absolutely stunning photography by SFN members.

Submissions for the ShutterBugs and ImagINe groups can be uploaded here. The young photographers submitting the best entries in each group will be awarded a Certificate of Excellence and their photo featured in next month's publication.

Remember - the theme for July's edition is 'Transportation'.